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Thread: Hello Girls

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    Hiya, from NH, first all gal forum I've seen.

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    Right on! welcome aboard. Waiting to hear more about you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly Girl View Post
    Hello Girls

    Are there many fellow females reading this forum? I think this ladies only forum is a great idea. I sure would like to chat with a few of you.

    Fly Girl
    I am a 48 year old mom with two teenagers. I am pretty new to fly fishing. I have been fishing a lot the past few months. I have fished on an off since I was a little girl. The past three or four years fishing has become an obsession for me. I try to go out on the water as much as possible. (at least till the summer heat hits...which I hate since I am in NE Tx) I used to do just conventional fishing...and live bait at that. But the last three years I have added much more tackle into my box. I have started up fly fishing, and fly tying as well. I wish I lived in the mountains close enough to fish whenever I wanted. I do live in a place with lots of lakes around, but I have no boat. When my teens grow up and move, maybe then I can afford a boat. I have just bought a 8wt rod, and my older rod is a 5wt. I will not buy a rod bigger than an 8wt. Mine is a little heavy for me. I think maybe a 7wt would of been a better choice. But I did not want to break a 7wt with a largemouth bass on it! Anyway fly fishing is a huge amount of fun for me. It is hard to find a place not lined with trees or houses where I live. I stopped wade fishing in most places because of water moccasins...which I am afraid of. One hit my leg at Tyler State Park, and outta that water I came out in a hurry! My daughter stopped fishing last fall. She is now much more into her friends, boyfriend, and My Space. She does not want to accompany her brother and I fishing anymore, sadly. I think once she is older, she will fish again though. My son is about to turn 15. He likes fishing a lot, but would rather do soft air, or paintball wars with his friends. So many times I go fishing alone. I joined a women's fly fishing group in Tx recently. I had hoped to meet ladies in my area, but have not thus far. So it was good to find this forum. I hope to make new friends, and learn as much as I can about fly fishing!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Kelkay, I replyed to another of your post, but would like to add this. I go striper fishing in the Ocean for fish much bigger than largemouth and I use a 7wt most of the time. I think if you got a 9ft 6 or 7wt rod for your bass you would be happier with casting it.

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    The Bass are not a problem for the 6 wt. it is the coverage in the water. Bass like all the vegetation and that plus the bass are a little hard with a 6. It can be done I am sure, specially with a medium action rod, because the fight should start at the butt. But, then there is the size of flies.
    I am sure FlyGal can closer relate to you situation than I can, it is trout all the way here with an occasional Bass thrown in.

    My only suggestion is, if you love the sport, save all your pennies and maybe check e-bay for a good deal. I have a 9' Winston BIIx 8 wt. that I swear is no different in casting to a 5 wt as far as feel.
    This is where the upper/high price rods shine and maybe even answer the question of "Is that rod really worth the $600.+ price tag"

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    Thank you ladies for the replies. I just bought the 8wt, so there is no way I am gonna be able to afford a 7wt anytime soon. I can spend more money on a 7wt in a few months....but was told that it would be hard to cast big ol' bass bugs with a 6 or 7wt...not to mention haul one in under vegetation. I am still pretty new at casting, and for heavier flies with lead eyes...(big fly)...I can't cast them at all. I tried but they were just too heavy. I guess I have used my new rod maybe twice now. It is a Redington Crosswater. I read a good review on it, being a cheaper rod it was supposed to be good. I think it is a good rod, just heavier than I thought it would be. Yes, a more expensive rod would be lighter, true. But I can't afford anything more for the time being, so I am going to have to make do with what I have. I made the mistake of making some big ol' clousers with huge lead eyes, and Lithuanian Bats...same thing...with big ol' lead eyes...and I cannot cast them. I guess in time I will be able to, with more practice.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    One other thing about BIG BUGS, I understand them and I know they work.
    I have a different approach however, and I just watched Kelly Galloup's DVD on fishing big streamers and found out he feels the same way. Granted his DVD is for rivers, but it works for Stillwaters also.
    I DON'T WEIGHT MY FLIES! Easy enough. I use SINKING LINE. I have found this much more effective. Shorten or lengthen a leader (and by leader I mean straight MONO or Flouro as Presentation means nothing) Using the right sinking line will put you in the ZONE easier than any other way.
    SINKING LINES: There is density Compensated that sinks uniformly and no belly, AND Wet Cell, which does form a belly and intended for Weedy bottoms.
    Now for a lot less money than a new rod. Think about a Type II and maybe a TYPE V to get down real fast and past the dinks in a WET CELL.
    It will cost you two more spools, but I really think ffing requires some sort of SINKING LINE.
    I am not talking sink tip either.....FULL SINK.
    This is wat I use even on rivers and people thought I was nuts. Watch Kelly's Video and he explains this, so I am not crazy LOL

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    You have completely lost me on the types.... I have floating fly line. I have a furled leader on both my reels. (even the broke one) I was using a flourocarbon
    tippet, but know it was not necessary to do so, but it does make it sink faster. Now for a beginner it is okay to use something besides a floating line? I do not know if I can get another spool for my reel. Here is my reel at Cabelas....

    Cabela's -- Ross Reels Pre-Spooled Flystart Reels

    I took the tapered leader off that came with it, and bought a furled leader from someone I know who makes them. He made me a 4ft leader for it. I thought a 6ft leader might be better. Someone said the 4ft would be easier to cast, and for warm water fishing, a longer leader was not needed.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Can that video be seen on the internet? Like Google, or You Tube?
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    If your still having a difficulty with casting the 8wt, try casting it with a 7wt and see if it make casting a bit easier for you. Maybe a pal has a 7wt and would let you test it on your rod.

    As for casting big or heavy flies, you have to open your loop up. The back cast is mostly a side arm cast (somewhat parallels the ground). Only the forward is overhead to keep the heavy fly well way from the back of your head.

    I would only venture a sink line if I were completely comfortable with the floating. Using a full sink changes your casting a bit. Especially picking up the line out of the water while casting takes a bit of practice to master. Again if you know someone with a sink line try it out before you buy. I would also underweight (7wt) the sink line.

    Many gals find it easier to cast the higher rods with under weighted lines. Most rods have a three weight range where you can go up or down one weight.

    I'd take Joni recommendation about the strait mono, much easier to cast with. I don't go below 4lb and fish 8-12lb most of the season.

    Joni, question: What's the sink rate on the full sink you use most of the time?

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