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Thread: Hello Girls

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    Thanks for the help. I do not have a friend who fly fishes period. That means no rod to try, or different type of line. I fly fish by myself. When I do conventional fishing my son will many times come with me, but sometimes I just go by myself. He is not as crazy about fishing as I am.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    As far as the DVD, Netflix carries it so maybe Blockbuster also has it.

    Sinking lines I have all from Intermediate through TYPE VII and a DEPTH CHARGE 300 grain in 5 wt. and 6 wt. in Density Compensated and a Type II in Wet Cell in a 4 wt.
    I use the Intermediate in the Spring and Shallow lakes, but will switch to the TPE II if the wind is blowing to get in the zone, assuming the fly is moving with the wind. In dead summer or if the fish are deep, I will use either a TYPE VII or my Depth Charge. I prefer the DC because it is 30' of lead core and 70' of Intermediate. When stripping a Crawfish or leech, it pulls straight like the real thing, instead of bouncing up and down.
    The Intermediate can get to the depth at some point, you just have to count down, but sometimes the BIG fish are holding deep and the smaller more towards the surface, so the faster sinking line gets past the little ones.

    As far as casting, MYSELF, I find sinking line easier to cast cause then load up better and teaches you to slow down and you WILL feel the tug of the back cast. It is MUCH easier to cast then big CLOUSERS or even a bunch of split shot, and much easier of the tip of rods.

    Fluorocarbon, I hear it sinks, but again, I don't have that problem. I use a 6X with my #32 dries and no sink. I think it is stronger in smaller diameters and I am a firm believer in it's the point of being anal.
    I do save money on it in that I guide and use it fast, so I buy regular fishing Fluoro like P-Line or Seaguar in 8, 6, 4, and 2 lb. which figures out to 1X, 3X, 5X, 7X. but with the strength of 0X, 2X, 4X, and 6X.

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    Wow I am in awe of your knowledge about lines and stuff. I am a newbie at fly fishing and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Still, for as long as I have spent at this, I am not doing too bad. I get confused on the lines called x vs. pound and all...but I have figured it out alright. Lately I guess you could say I am a redneck fly person because I have put regular mono and flourocarbon on that was not from the fly dept.....At least I do use a leader, and a tippet. But I have been known to use a leader with no tippet for a while. You can get away with that in warm water fishing, but not for trout I am sure. I am knot challenged to boot. So each time I have to do a new knot, I have to look at the animated knot page on the internet. It is a lifesaver. Thanks for all the info girl, you are awesome. I wish there were some women in my area like you to fish with. It is fun to fish alone sometimes. But sometimes it would be nice to share a hobby with someone else, and the story of a big fish caught/lost on a trip somewhere. Not many women in my area of Tx are fly fishing period. However things are looking up. This year I have noticed a dramatic increase in women fishing. Now I don't stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of men out there..........ROTFL.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    On the X thing, for the most part, take the number 9 and subtract the X and that is the Pound sort of or at least close. Like a 5X is 9-5=4 lb.

    Knots I agree is trouble, so I use ONE most the time. and that is a Surgeon's. But I do blood knots and nail knots . To connect Tippet to leader, I use a Surgeon's knot, to connect Fly to tippet I use Surgeon's Loop.
    Just find ONE knot you can do well and stick with it.

    But learn the Perfection loop for those furled leaders ;-)

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    Thanks again JONI!!!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Yup, that is what I caught last month....ON THE SNAKE! They are cool and fun. Those are some real beautys FG.

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    Water temps are just about perfect for them to be super aggressive and first fish fought like a demon....Three runs well into my backing and 300 feet down stream we finally clapped eyes on each other.....Just glad I was sporting the 8lb strait mono...

    Nice fish for the first bass of '08 - I tell ya, the river smallies fight the best, shoulders like you wouldn't believe!

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    [QUOTE=FlyGal;29305]My river smallies on a 6wt.....

    Wow now those are some nice fish. I hear Smallies are huge fighters. I would love to be Smallie fishing right now. :-) Congrats on your catch!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

  9. Default Alaska Fishing

    Well, I'm back from running our Alaska Fishing business this past summer. We had an unusual year. The Talachulitna River where we guide had high water levels and the salmon runs came in late, but they did come in. All of our clients had fun and caught fish and that is what counts! We caught King Salmon up to 50 lbs (which is pretty big for the Tal). The Silvers were there in good numbers and good sizes too.

    The picture is my daughter-
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Hitaluga Guide Service
    The A-B-C's of Fishing! Come fish with us in Alaska, Belize and Cape Cod

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