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Thread: Hello Girls

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    Awesome! That is what people want to see when you talk ALASKA! Thank you.

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    Hello all....just wanted to post a message regarding the US Youthflyfishing team....I know that this is a ladies forum and that is the reason for my post...we are actively seeking young ladies to try out for the team for world competitions representingthe USA. I am the President of the US Youth Flyfishing Team and if anyone in this forum has any questions about tryouts please email me at call me at 814-571-5593....tryouts will be hell in May in PA

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyChick View Post
    Boy, the ladies forum sure does seem slow, but it's great to see other women here. Hi from PA!
    Yes it is slow at times it seems. I am pretty new here myself. Hi from Texas!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    That's cause we are all hanging out with the GUYS LOL

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    I am one of the lucky ones whose husband lives in Belize all winter and takes her flats fishing (almost) every morning! I am working on my saltwater cast and there are a few techniques that you have to learn that are very different from those used to catch trout and salmon. I must admit, that after the cold summer we had in Alaska this year, shorts, a t-shirt and sandals are feeling pretty good!

    Glad to see more ladies coming onboard!
    Hitaluga Guide Service
    The A-B-C's of Fishing! Come fish with us in Alaska, Belize and Cape Cod

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    What better gift this holiday season than a trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize? There is world class fishing, lots of sights to see, snorkling and diving....

    Our fishing business has just started advertising for our Belize trips. Our website has all the details, check it out! Our guides will teach you everything you need to know to catch bonefish - nothing strips your line down to the backing faster; permit - elusive but well worth the effort; and tarpon - what a blast. There are lots of other fish to catch, too.

    My husband and daughter (our lead guide) will be at the Denver ISE show Jan 22-25, if you're in the area, stop by the Hitaluga booth (#646) and see all we have to offer! If warm weather, turquoise water and friendly people aren't in your sights this winter, maybe Alaska next summer or Cape Cod in the fall is.
    Hitaluga Guide Service
    The A-B-C's of Fishing! Come fish with us in Alaska, Belize and Cape Cod

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    Thanks Kalkay,

    Welcome Mommafly....That's one big king your daughter is grinning about!!!

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    Welcome, Mamma Fly

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    Excuse me ladies, but I have a question regarding teaching fly fishing to a lady, in this case my girl friend. I apolgize for coming to the all womens fly fishing forum, but I didn't know where else to go to get a insightful answer.

    The question is, When you started fly fishing did your husband/boy friend teach you or did you go to something like a all womens fly fishing class? To add on to that, in retrospect which is the better learning situation in your opinion?

    I really enjoy fly fishing so I can talk about it all day, but I don't want my enthuseasm to over shawdow or deminish her experience in the learning process. I do remember how absolutely frustrating it can be. Thany you for any responses.

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    I think it is okay for you to give her suggestions and talk to her.
    I watched a couple on the river once. He handed her the fly rod, put a fly and a strike indicator on, put her in the middle of the river and told her where to cast. Then he walked of down river to fish.

    The gal stayed there, without much luck.

    So, I say it is great to get spouse or boy friend help.
    But I do feel a class is a must. It doesn't matter which sex teaches, but it is a must.
    The classes here not only show you different casts, but also knots, leaders, leader/tippet, and discuss different lines.
    Money well spent!

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