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Thread: Hello Girls

  1. Default Hello Girls

    Hello Girls

    Are there many fellow females reading this forum? I think this ladies only forum is a great idea. I sure would like to chat with a few of you.

    Fly Girl

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    Hello Fly Girl

    I check this forum as often as I can. I've had several questions answered and have gotten some good advice. This is the only Ladies Fly Fishing Forum that I've seen. It should be fun. What type of fishing do you enjoy and where do you like to go?


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    Hi Bahama Momma:

    That’s a cool name. Thanks for responding. I mostly enjoy fly fishing for trout. Problem is, living in Texas, I don't get a chance to go as much as I'd like. I go to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma as much as I can. It’s turned into a pretty good trout river. I occasionally go to Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado. I've never done any saltwater fly fishing but think I'd like to learn.

    What about you? What do you like?

    Fly Girl

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    Hello Fly Girl

    My husband gave me that name. It sure wasn't my fist choice but he thought it was soooo cute. I let him have his fun. He's a pretty good guy but sometimes he can be a real sexist pig.

    Anyway, I mostly fish saltwater. That's mainly because I go with my husband a lot. That's the only kind of flyfishing that he's interested in. I would love to do some trout fishing on a nice peaceful stream somewhere. Maybe we can hook-up some time. I can show you how to saltwater fish and you can take me trout fishing. How does that sound?


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    Hello Momma:

    Sorry to here about your pig husband. I think all men are like that (sorry guys). Anyway, I gave up on men a long time ago. And they think we're high-maintenance.

    Sure, I'd love for us to get together and do a little fishing. I know of several quite little spots where we can go for some trout fishing. Just let me know when. I can pretty much go anytime. We can make a long weekend out of it if you want.

    Any other of you ladies want to join us?

    Fly Girl

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    Hello Fly GirL:

    Sorry for the late response. I was in the Caymans with my husband for a while. Lots of good bonefishing. Anyway, lets get together, send me a private email.


  7. Re: Hello Girls

    Hi there, Joni Here (Fly Girl on UTOF sorry and Fly Goddess on others)
    Grew up in Sturgeon waters Glenn's Ferry, ID. but live in Utah now. I have been fishing all my life with the snake river in my back yard growing up.
    I tie my own (and all my husband & brothers) flies, and love trying new patterns. I love to FF rivers and stillwater from my Pontoons. I think I just got hired by Falcon's Ledge today (Orvis Endorsed Lodge) and that is going to be a blast.
    Well, I hope I didn't come off to stong, just trying to put all the cards on the table.
    I am really a lot of fun, just ask me

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    Hello. I am Anna. My husband and I both go fishing together. We are currently catching king salmon. We live in WA state, and they are swimming by.

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    Welcome aboard. I am glad you found this forum. Great bunch hear and I personally wanna hear more about the Salmon

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    Boy, the ladies forum sure does seem slow, but it's great to see other women here. Hi from PA!

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