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HuskerFly 07-10-2006 10:02 PM

Need assistance selecting rod
Hello all;

Been flyfishing in MT, WY and ID for dozen years or so, and always borrowed a Thomas/Thomas 4 wt fly rod. Wanted to get my own this year for our annual weeklong excursion on the Boulder and Stillwater in MT, but am quite lost where to begin.

I fish dries exclusively and most water I fish is fairly narrow and shallow if that helps put me in any direction. I don't understand the medium, fast tips and what type of fishing situation/casting method they're designed for - so tips on length, weight, action, and brand would be very much appreciated.

I've fished with Sage and Thomas/Thomas and thought they were both excellent - but don't know directions on the models, etc.

Thanks in advance, all.


troutbum 07-11-2006 07:54 AM

Re: Need assistance selecting rod
hey Husker,A 8.5-9' 4 or 5wt with a mediem action should be fine,many people will give you very confusing advise about rods,the key is to keep it simple.T and T make awsome high quality rods and sage is right up there also,but if you dont wanna spend that much for a quality rod check out Scott rods and Reddington,also Orvis has a silver lable series of rods that are very affordable and fantastic rods with a unconditional warrenty
tight lines

BigCliff 07-11-2006 08:42 AM

Re: Need assistance selecting rod

I fish dries exclusively and most water I fish is fairly narrow and shallow
Based on this I would suggest an medium-medium fast action 8.5' 4wt. Sage's SLT and Winston's LT series fall into this category. It might be hard to find, but my best suggestion would be a Sage VPS Light in that config. That rod has actually been discontinued for about a year now, but you might be able to find one with a dealer, and they definitely should be available on eBay. Its more of a medium action rod and should suit your fishing situation extremely well. A Scott G would be great as well. I've never cast this one, but it sounds like it might be a great choice as well I've got their 6wt in that series and its construction beats anything i've seen in that price range.

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