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Troutwhisperer 06-16-2012 10:58 PM

Im back...
Its been some years. Three I think. I don't remember, rightly so, since ive been on here.

I think its been to long and would like to get back with the community. I got caught up in flying airplanes, work, and most importantly fishing.

a lot has changed here and for me. I bought a drift boat at the ripe old age of 17 and right now have to decide between college or going straight to guiding after my last year of high school.

Now lets see if I recognize any faces, or if anyone knows me for that matter.

stenacron 06-16-2012 11:10 PM

Re: Im back...
I don't know you, but welcome back anyway... and go to college.

Liphookedau 06-17-2012 06:54 AM

Re: Im back...
It's good to see you back,I recollect your AKA,Also I'd recomend you go to College as there's plenty of time for Guiding when you Finish because these days you need an Education as Guiding doesn't usually last 12 Months.
Also you don't have to give Fishing away maybe you can Guide in The Semesters ???.

mcnerney 06-17-2012 08:28 AM

Re: Im back...
Welcome back! Good to see you posting again. I have to agree with Liphookedau, college is way too important to pass up..........think long and hard about that life choice. When I worked for the University of Alaska Fairbanks they had a program where dependants could go to college for free, all they paid was books and lab fees, but I couldn't convince my son to attend, instead he had this dream of becoming a famous horse trainer. Of course that never happened and he has regretted that choice ever since. Besides you can always guide between semesters.

theboz 06-17-2012 11:02 AM

Re: Im back...
Welcome back! I don't know you either but like others have said go to college. In today's world education is everything. My son is going and guiding in his spare time . It's rough but the rewards outweigh the hardship.

fredaevans 06-17-2012 03:54 PM

Re: Im back...
Bloody Well time!

You're in MoanTana and not filling us up with .. fished here and OH MY GOD'S.'


Kidding aside, 'welcome back.' But just my .02 cents ... UNIVERSITY!!!!!!! You can always fish, but getting a good education is a whole different game. (Pun intended.)


---------- Post added at 01:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 PM ----------

Let me repeat myself:


U of M in Mosul la ... stay out of the Tav's/bars, place is over run with the damned things. Hell man you've got at least three rivers that come to mind in less than a hours drive from your dorm room.:wavetowel

But think of it in another way ... Guiding is a part time job and lots of luck paying your bills/rent. An education, Ahhhhh a good education. A skill set that 'sells' in the real world.

True, we're in 'Interesting times' at the moment, but by time you graduate this will be an interesting history lesson to argue with your 400 level Econ Instructor. Bye the Bye have a Master's in that, and most don't know ship from shinola in terms of the 'real world.':rolleyes: I'll spare you a 'one on one' with one of my Professors (he had a Ph,D and a 600 level course) and had never worked a day in his life out side of academia. To shorten this up, he didn't like me challenging him every step of the way, flat telling him in front of the class "Total Horse Feathers, find/tell me one verifiable place that what you just said really works in the real World."

At one point, I was already employed supporting wife/two kids, told him if he was really strong in the 'righness' of his opin's, I'll set it up that you take over my job for 30 days and tell me what you think?

Final exam was interesting; read the question(s) and the 'premises' was total horse droppings. Answer to one of the questions was (to the effect) "You really believe-teach this Bull Ship? God Spare your next class. Teach these folks real life, not something out of a text book." Tossed the final on his desk and walked out. He caught up with me and 'Can we talk?'

Killed the rest of the hour and he and I went out and 'had beers.' He bought the first, I bought the second, etc .. actually I think both of us got a bit plastered (to use an old guys term). Got an 'A.' But your mileage may vary as a Freshman. ;>)

Just don't drink the KoolAid that's being spooned out: THINK FOR YOURSELF.

To be truthful, it gets easier (and people pay more attention) as you get older. Last degree included a class on 'Marketing,' as in selling/buying things. The mid-term was (buy) a guy had three choices of buying properties that appealed (one degree or another) to tourests. Here's the out line of one and the others. "Which should he buy?"

My answer? NONE! The only question of one vs the other was how soon did he go into Bankruptcy. Wrote a detailed 'Oh Dear God' on all three as to the 'why.'

Turned paper in and the next day 'Do you have a moment?' 'Sure, what's up?'

"I've never had anyone answer this question this way, how did you know?"

"I'm a VP in charge of Credit risk management that lends on these types of transactions every day."

Couple of days later I was (for the next couple of classes) teaching same.

End game, as to why my answer?

Mortgage payment 'monthly nut' was 'x.'

You had a variable cash flow (plus on going expenses for this/that) that was good in the Summer .. winter (these were recreational visitation areas) was highly questionable.

But the end game was all three properties were up for sale because the present owner was already under water and needed to bail.


Ard 06-17-2012 04:31 PM

Re: Im back...

I sent you a 'Proof of Life' message at least a year ago to see if you were OK.

While guiding will sound much more important and exciting than continuing education it may not be the best long term plan. Having attended collage myself I can say with certainty that education at the university level is a plus regardless of the field you find yourself working in.

My education opened more doors for me than I could ever recall on short notice and the same is perhaps true of many of our members who chose to further their education. Remember this; while some clients may be blue collar type guys, many folks who can afford a guide are well educated professionals. Speaking from personal experience it is quite a good feeling when you find yourself in the company of an orthopedic surgeon and a dentist if you don't end up feeling as a fish out of water. I also believe that clients are more at ease when they find that their guide is in fact smarter than the average bear, ala Yogi.


fredaevans 06-17-2012 04:37 PM

Re: Im back...
OH soooo true Ard, Oh soooo true!


wt bash 06-17-2012 06:56 PM

Re: Im back...
What are going to school for? I hate to be a naysayer but I have plenty of friends that have $80,000 educations not to mention student loan debts and end up a carpenter's helper. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I have just as many friends that either guide or work as deckhands and take the courses that interest them online and still live full lives. Do what makes YOU happy but make an educated descision, there's always time for both.

Troutwhisperer 06-17-2012 09:35 PM

Re: Im back...
I was leaning forwards the college, my parents just have given me the option of guiding for a year and than entering college if it didn't pan out.

Fredaevans: I am planning on going to missoula. I have fished a lot of the Missouri this past year. I like fishing it in the winter though. Less people and more fish for me. I go to creeks and lesser known rivers in the summer. There probably wont be any drinking in college for me. my family has a history of an alcohol allergy. Its the preservatives in beer mostly, best to not tempt fate. :p

Hardy: I now see that message. Probably just never saw it in my email.:rolleyes:
as for docs and generally smart people I think I could keep up with them. I'm on the schools smart people answering questions contest thing. (Said in my best redneck voice) ;)

Wt bash: I'm thinking wildlife biology, second semester in aquatics. A lot of fishing to be done while I'm there. Hopefully some forum members can show me around. Right now I work in a hardware store, I know the money that comes in those blue collar jobs. Ill probably just end up owning and working our farm and ranch. :)

Actually if any of the members want to hit the Missouri some time and need a boat and a fishing partner. they should hit me up. I usually fish by myself and now have a shiny new (to me) ro deville.

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