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fredaevans 03-24-2013 11:21 AM

Gather up the Kids (of all ages), this is an amazing Magic.
I give you Penn and Teller: Penn & Teller Fool Us Episode 3 FishBowl trick - YouTube

Guest1 03-24-2013 12:52 PM

Re: Gather up the Kids (of all ages), this is an amazing Magic.
That is the best coin magic trick I have ever seen, and I am a fan of coin magic. I do some myself. Not that good (or anywhere near it) though.

My interest started when I was in the Navy. My buddy Fred and I went diving on the North Shore. Afterwards we went to a bar called Pat's at Punalu'u. There was a guy there at the bar, a customer like us, and he asked me if I was done with my bottle of Beer. I said about two sips awy. He asked if he could have it when I was done. I said sure. Then he asked me to mark it, so I tore part of the label off and handed it to him. He asked to look at a 50 cent piece. I said "yup, 50 cent piece".

He then said he was going to put it into the beer bottle. He showed that it was way to big to fit in the top, so he said he would go in through the bottom. He then had me hold the bottle by the neck and he slammed the 50 cent piece into the bottle, and there it was bouncing around the inside of the bottle! He had the classic Jesus painting look, so my buddy Fred at this point hollers to the rest of the bar, "Jesus is back and he's doing magic tricks at the bar!"

He said, "The problem is they are to big to get them out again. I'm going to try anyway." He then takes the bottle and gives it a few good shakes and shoots the 50 cent piece out onto the bar.

This got the better of my curiousity so I found the best coin magic book there is. Bobo's Book of Coin Magic. It is a Hardbound big book. Teller's trick isn't in it though. :( The bottle trick is.

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