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nickj 06-19-2013 06:44 PM

We have another wildfire going, pretty close... We're packing the cars..Mrs Nickj looks at me- "All those fly rods are the first thing you pack?" Me- "Of course not, the fireproof box from the safe was first, then meds." Then reels, handguns, etc...The unreplaceable stuff. Geez..

mcnerney 06-19-2013 06:46 PM

Re: Priorities
Best of luck with the fire and be safe!

We haven't had any yet this year, but with this wind it certainly drying things out pretty good, I just hope we don't have a repeat of last year.

mikel 06-19-2013 06:50 PM

Re: Priorities
I hope your family and home are ok...the whole flipping west is likely to be ablaze before the end of this fire season.

trout champ 06-19-2013 09:12 PM

Re: Priorities
Stay safe buddy. Our state is slowly burning up...


jaybo41 06-19-2013 10:24 PM

Re: Priorities
Here's hoping for the best case scenario for all of our CO forum members. Stay safe out there.

fredaevans 06-20-2013 04:11 AM

Re: Priorities
Only been down this road once, and it was hell on wheels for the fire crews. Brought up my motor home so they had a place to sleep, guys flaked out on the carpe,t and hoses running through my/neighbors yards.

I couldn't cook food fast enough to keep them feed. Neighbors running to Safeway ( Albertson's?) to get more stuff. BBQ's on the street/back yard where operational for close to 72 hours. Washing machines going 24/7 to give them clean clothing.

End game was fire out (7,000 some acres of grass/trees) and we/they had one hell of a Block Party.Lots of us got very drunk.:wavetowel

Me too.

nickj 06-20-2013 12:04 PM

Re: Priorities
Thanks for the well wishes. We're about 5 miles from the nearest evacuation perimeter. The fire's grown to about 500 acres... We're all waiting to see what happens when the wind gets going this afternoon. Packed and ready to leave if we have to.

jimp 06-20-2013 01:15 PM

Re: Priorities
best wishes for you and all those in the area. GL

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