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MoscaPescador 09-10-2010 01:45 AM

Fishing Terminology
My girlfriend, her friends, and I were sitting around and chatting. Some of her friends fish. Some don't. Throughout the conversation, we would use fishing terms that they would not understand.

So I'm starting a thread with some fishing terms. Feel free to add. If the term is a local one, feel free to add that too. It could be helpful for those getting into the sport.

I'll start with four terms.

Walter - A large fish. It was the nickname that Henry Fonda's character, Norman, in On Golden Pond called a large trout that he was trying to catch on his homewaters.

Homie - A large wild fish. I learned this term from one of my guide buddies. The local river we fish is full of wild trout.

LDR - Long distance release. The fish releases itself a long distance away from the angler.

PMD - Pale Morning Dun mayfly.


Ard 09-10-2010 02:12 AM

Ard's list of terms;
Funny thing MP, I already was working on a list;

Skunked >>> means you caught no fish

Flogging >>> is what a bad caster does

Chuck & Duck >>> Casting style of one who uses weight on a fly rod

Coho >>> Pacific Silver Salmon

Red >>> Sockeye Salmon

Chinook >>> The King Salmon

Jacks >>> These are immature salmon (small) who enter the rivers with the mature run of fish

Rig >>> The line tip, leader, and fly that you fish

Poop >>> What you say when you get snagged in water too deep for you to go after it.

Jet Sled >>> This is usually a tunnel hulled river boat with an outboard jet motor

Beads >>> Plastic salmon eggs that people put on a line and fish on a fly rod; see flosser below

Indy Rig >>> A polite way to say 'Fishing with a bobber' as children would do

Back Troll >>> Allowing flies to hang in current down stream of a drift boat, (boat is held back by oarsman)

Flosser >>> A person who uses long leaders and small flies to snag salmon or steelhead in the mouth [Note] this takes talent but is not legit

Herl >>> An individual fiber taken from a large feather such as peacock or ostrich

The crack of noon >>> Getting a late start on the day

Subordinate fish >>> Fish who are lower in the order of a pool or run, generally smaller than the dominate fish.

Blind eye hook >>> A salmon hook forged with no eye. These are finished using a loop of dacron or gut as an eye.

Butt >>> Herl, or other material tied in just ahead of tag & tip on a fly, also: end of rod; (or) a person who crowds you while fishing

Tag >> A few turns of tinsel tied above the barb or point of a hook

Tip >>> Usually a colorful floss that is tied aft of the tag

Beard >>> Any material tied in short over the throat of a streamer or wet fly

Throat >>> Material tied beneath the hook shank @ the front extending back 2/3 s the distance to the hook point (wets & streamers)

Priest >>> An implement used to bash a salmon on the head to kill it.

Pounding them up >>> The act of repeatedly presenting a dry fly when no feeding activity is evident

Honey Hole >>> This is the place you head to that always produces some fish, usually kept as secret

kglissmeyer1 09-10-2010 10:52 AM

Re: Fishing Terminology
I like it!

Big Ugly>>>Rubberlegs nymph fly

Toon>>>Pontoon Boat with some clown paddling away...

Trico>>>too dang small in anyone's book:cool:

Flav>>>Big dang mayfly


WFF5WT>>>Fly line that sinks more than it floats

PT>>>Pheasant-tail nymph, or, the name of your pontoon:rolleyes:

Parachute>>>Keeps my fly afloat

Parasol>>>Helps my tired eyes

Terminal Tackle>>>What my rig looks like at the end of the day after that 'last cast' into the wind

Nymph rig>>>oooh, you guys have dirty minds...

A Big 'Un>>>anything over 10-inches

A Beast>>>Anything that becomes an LDR

Rippin Lips>>>What happens when I try to wet a fly by putting it in my mouth

First Blood>>>Trying to tie on that size 22

Fishing Buddy>>>Means I'm driving that day:o

FTBMR>>>Drove at least one hour and Forgot To Bring My Rod:mad:

FTBMF>>>Drove back to get my rod and then back to my destination and discovered I Forgot To Bring My Flies:mad::mad:

EMR>>>Early Morning Rise, something I plan on doing to go fishing, yet I always leave it to the fish I miss out on by sleeping in


madjoni 09-10-2010 11:42 AM

Re: Fishing Terminology
Just the thread i really need...some stuff that i cant find in dictionary:thmbup::thmbup:
just keep them coming and thaks guys:)

milt spawn 09-10-2010 02:16 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
nail knot creek>>> anyplace you don't want to tell the real name of.

Joni 09-10-2010 02:28 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
BODACIOUS......very cool....LOL

milt spawn 09-10-2010 02:38 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
double haul>> two much gear to carry down to the water in one trip university pool>> home of overeducated fish... harvard, yale, stanford, etc...

mcnerney 09-10-2010 03:02 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
Drag--When your fly is being pulled along by opposing currents
Cutbow--a rainbow/cutthrout hybrid
Flouro--Fluorocarbon tippet material
Birdsnest--When your line gets all tangled
Meat Hole--A spot on the river where the fish are stacked up
Bucktail--Streamer pattern tied with deers tail hair
Dead Drift--Your fly moving along the water at the same speed as other objects.
Chromer--A bright, fresh fish
Mysis--silvery freshwater shrimp


milt spawn 09-10-2010 05:20 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
bankee>>shorebound bait fisherman

peregrines 09-10-2010 06:20 PM

Re: Fishing Terminology
Here's a few from salt water:

Fat Albert = False Albacore

Bonehead = male mahi mahi, (also called dorado and dolphin fish). The males have a blunt, bony forehead

BFT, YFT = Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna

Push = Something to look for on the flats, it's the compression wave ahead of a fish or a school of fish as it swims through shallow water

Blitz = baitfish trapped against the surface by bigger fish, the water looks like it's boiling

Huffnagle, Bimini Twist, Haywire Twist, Slim Beauty = names of knots

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