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fyshstykr 12-31-2008 04:44 PM

My poor dog......
Yesterday we had our 3yr old Male Lab Neutered, I know, I know, being 3yrs old seems an advanced age for doing this, but we just adopted him this last Spring.

He has a propensity to run if given the chance with an open gate from the backyard being all he needs, he enjoys painting things Yellow (often times my wifes' beautifully arranged flower pots on the back deck), and in general could use just a bit of mellowing.

Anyway I brought the Big Guy home last night and he went crazy running all over the house, outside, ran inside his Dog House, came back out and then I brought him back into the house, he then proceeds to start sniffing under the Couch, the Chairs, under all the cushions, and then wandered aimlessly thrue the house once again with me following him to make sure he did not get his 'Paint Stick' fired up. This went on for about 35 minutes, finally I stopped him for a moment to ask him what was going on (we have a good relationship and talk often), well he told me that he had misplaced his 'Goodie Bag' somewhere this morning and was just trying to locate it. :icon_bigg.
What a Big Ol' Bucket Head he is.

Jimmie 01-01-2009 12:43 PM

Re: My poor dog......
Lol! Good story. Our new puppy Annie is scheduled for hers Jan. 7th. She's a pretty active Jack Russell. I think that the girls just lay there and give you dirty looks, lol.

Davo 01-01-2009 03:34 PM

Re: My poor dog......

Based on the flower pot story I'm blaming Mrs. Fysh for your buddies misfortune. :eek:

fyshstykr 01-01-2009 04:33 PM

Re: My poor dog......
Painting the pots certainly did not help. lol.

MikeG 01-01-2009 07:50 PM

Re: My poor dog......
I never had any male dogs before, I have three dogs are females, two goldens, and a mix of a golden-yellowlab. When the third dog got neutered first thing she did after I brought her home, went upstairs to my room pooped on my pillow on my bed came down growled at me and went to sleep for almost a full day. And people say dogs are not that smart.

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