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  1. Default Headed for LMF for the week.

    It has been awhile since I have posted on the forum. Still lurking just haven't had anything to say.

    The Lower Mountain Fork Foundation says the repairs to Spillway Creek are done. I took this week off to go check it out. Looking forward to using my new rod and relined reels.


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    Default Re: Headed for LMF for the week.

    Scott: Good luck on Spillway Creek, keep us posted on how the fishing went!


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    Default Re: Headed for LMF for the week.

    I haven't been in awhile but saw some pictures. Several big logs across the water to create more pool areas. Some people don't like it and some do. If your on facebook the Lower mountain fork foundation has the pictures.

  4. Default Re: Headed for LMF for the week.

    We got here on Tuesday weather was drizzly to light rain. Fishing was okay Caddis hatch early and then a light March Brown hatch. We caught 6 fish, 10-12", because of the weather we stayed at Evening hole and in the park. We had hits on brown soft hackles and yellow/green sparking emergers.

    Today we started on Evening Hole. Lauri and Melinda, sons fiancÚ, had a guide. Early they caught 4 on midges until the Caddis started hatching. Then they moved to tan soft hackles and BWO soft hackles. They ended up caching 17 between the 2 of them. My day was great. I caught 24 fish a couple of rainbows over 18", 4 rainbows hatched on the mountain fork, 2 browns about 14", the rest were all between 8-12". Brown soft hackles, brown parachutes, Adams and cream/tan sparkling emergers worked today.

    I spent half the day near the evening hole. Half the day on the lower spillway. The work on Spillway is great. Lots of pools and holes. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow.


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    We really knocked them out today. We caught close to 60 fishing. We started on Spillway Creek at the dam and worked our way down. The upper pool, in sight of the dam, we caught 20 small rainbows, 6-10", on brown soft hackles and BWO emergers. The next 2 pools we had a lot of hits but caught nothing. The fourth pool we changed to BWO dries and BWO emerger. We caught about a dozen rainbows all about 12". Fifth was full of browns. I've never landed a brown on Spillway. But today I caught 6 of them all 12-14" on march brown dries. We finished up the day in the evening hole. March browns, BWO and a few Caddis hatching. Light hatch but the trout were taking dry flies pretty good.

    Best fishing Lauri and I have had in 3 years. Spillway Creek has alot of pools holding lots of fish. I like the changes and the new pools. Small flies 18 are what's working now.

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