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Thread: MO anglers

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    so who all is ready for March 1st to get i know i am have went a few times to the parks for some winter fishing but im ready for season to get me a new rod reel setup to use and all kinds of other goodies...been tryin to tie up a few to stock up and still need to get a new pair of waders but i think im set how bout you all

    wont be able to get out till the first weekend and im sure ill have to fight the crowds as usual but ill be out there prob gonna go to meramac spring first weekend how bout you all where you goin

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    Like last year my wife and I will be at Bennett. Opening day is just like going to MU/KU tail gate party in KC. It is about the party in the parking lot and somewhere fishing happens.

    Last year was a record for us. 16 degree's at whistle. Our rods, line and reals froze up. And to top it off at the 55 gallon fire drum while passing a shot of Jack around some 9 year old turd was showing his 4 fish grinning from ear to ear and being a bit arrogant for his age


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    I'll probably be out fishing...but well away from any of the parks
    "I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people." Jack Handy

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