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    I've been up to Beavers Bend about half a dozen times in the past year, but mostly fish in the park. I have also fished the re-reg damn with not as much luck.

    I would like to try my hand at some of the area in Zones II and III. The zones I am referring to are outside of the park as opposed to the red and blue areas in the park. Zone II from the park dam down to the re-reg dam, and Zone III from the re-reg dam down to hwy 70 bridge. Looks like there are some good spots, but there is no map about how to get down to them. I have driven some of the roads, but the ones I started down didn't make it all the way to the river or almost left me stuck in the mud. As helpful as the 2 fly shops are, it appears that merely giving directions to these sections of the river requires paying them. I could understand if I was wanting to know some of the best fishing holes in those hard to reach zones, but I just want to find out how to get down there. Any ideas/experience/maps would be appreciated.


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    I've only fished the upper part too, did you try googling presbeterian falls? You can also get on google earth and get the coordinates. I have found them to be accurate by actual comparisons of what I got and what the map shows.

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    From what I hear, the lower zones have been rendered almost useless by last year's floods and damage. I have given the Presbyterian Falls a go and it appeared to be almost inert, but that was before the floods. I will be there next weekend though, so maybe I can bring some fresh information back. Anything I can add to the information will be on my site first at

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