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    Default Meramec River at Cardiac Hill

    Went down yesterday for 1/2 day of fishing. Steelville Gage was 630 and dropping.

    Fishing was tough!!! Wading was tough!! Both could have been better.

    Water was a bit fast and green. I did not see the fish like we used to 2 years ago. I am afraid the 2 years of floods has really changed things. I hope it was still a bit early.

    Anyway hooked up a nice one that took off down stream without stopping to snag me up and get off on some moss.

    The best fishing I had was around the Cardiac trail end.

    All my hits were on Flash back or Gold Ribbed Hairs ear and soft hackle hairs ear. A couple of fishers suggested stone fly's.

    Good luck of you go. and If you do somewhere at trail end you will find my nippers, knot tying tool, and forceps. They fell off my magnets during the hike up Cardiac Hill.


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    Default Re: Meramec River at Cardiac Hill

    crittergetter: Sounds like you had a good time on the water despite the tough conditions, sorry to hear you lost your nippers, knot tying tool, and forceps. Maybe someone will find them and return!


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    I was down there a few weeks ago, but fishing a couple miles above the park, and had noticed lots of changes in the river. The changes this year seemed much more dramatic than in the previous years. (I have yet to fish anywhere below the park this year) Where I was is usually full of fish, smallies and rocks, cruising along. But I only saw one rock (and only caught one shad). An area that's 150 yds long, used to be about 7-8' deep with some deeper scour holes in it, is now just 2-3' deep and completely flat. It was almost a new river, but the lack of fish really surprised me.

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    630cfs is definitely a bit high for the Cardiac/Suicide area of the river -- 700cfs is my absolute maximum for taking clients out down there. Yeah, the crazy amount of rain we've had the last couple of years (6 feet in 2008 and almost 5 feet in 2009 -- no kidding) has definitely changed things, but the fish are still there. AND there's been an unexpected perk. Here's the quick rundown, though.

    Migratory fish (like trout) swim generally upstream in response to an increase in flow, and then feed actively when the current maxes out and starts dropping. BUT, if the current gets REALLY fast, they stop the migration and look for sheltered spots to hunker down. And if it gets really silty and super duper fast, they'll begin to drift back downstream and spread out. So, extreme rains like the last two years definitely screws up the progressive migration and pre-spawn feeding patterns, and you'll end up finding the fish in strange locations -- like too far upstream or downstream.

    And the perk? We're catching some mature wild trout for the first time in many years -- apparently they've migrated into the area from spring creeks that enter the river WAY upstream or downstream of the traditional trout-holding areas of the Meramec. No little 3-inch wild fish, though. Mainly 10-13 inches, which are probably 4 or 5 years old.

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    Default Re: Meramec River at Cardiac Hill

    Thanks Trout Hunter...

    I think the one that ran down stream might have been a "Perk". It was strong and it took off without even a look back. I knew the second hook would snag up but I was slipping and it won the battle.

    I sure hope the trout get there before the canoe hatch starts. And, hopefully I can get back down there in a couple of weeks.

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