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    You could drop by either Three rivers fly shop or beaversbend fly shop and see Sid for info. Also check orvis fishing report. I was there last saturday and it was way too crowded and heavy fishing pressure. I only caught nine, most on a midge I tie and had one on a cahill dry and a couple misses on the cahill.

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    Just got back from the LMF this afternoon. A lot of folks out fishing this weekend with the nice weather. It was rather windy, but tight in the trees and it wasn't too bad. Fishing was decent, not great. Caught a couple nice rainbows, and a few small rainbows. Stayed around lost creek and worked my way up stream. Had to change it up a bit, mostly midges and a few home-tied flies. Stop in at Three Rivers on your way in and see what the fish are hitting.

    If you need any help shoot me a PM.

    Give it a couple more weeks and the Goldeneye's (the actual duck) will start showing up to winter in the area.

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    I put together a blog post a few months ago to help newcomers to the LMF river. You can find the info at

    PM me if you think of something I didn't cover. Always glad to help.
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    If you need info that can be provided by 'untamedoutdoors' please PM to him.

    I'm sorry but we do not allow for the answer to a question to be a reference to another web site, forum, or blog. Please don't be angry, there is a very good reason for this and I enforce the rule every time I find a link to a blog.

    You can list a personal web location in your signature here but you may not post just to direct people to that personal site. If we did not have these rules this forum would be hardly more than a giant directory where everyone who has a blog would list them.

    What we would really like is for content to be provided in posts and replies to posts. That type of participation is what has made this the most visited and used Fly Fishing Forum in America.

    Thanks for understanding,


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    Hey sorry for that. Totally understand. I may try to post the info in a thread it just takes so long to convert all the links over =/ they wouldn't directly copy and paste just trying to contribute to the community but I'll try to make sure to play by the rules!
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    I will be heading down there in a month or two, I am getting a nice bonus in a few weeks from working so damn hard haha, so to reward myself I am going to take a nice week long vacation and hopefully get lost down south haha

    Hoping winter does come all at once next month though, it is starting to get nice and cold, was 20 degrees going off my car, and I can tell you, a turbocharged engine loves cold, but not freezing hahaha.

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    nice vid untamedoutdoors, muse rocks, nice back drop to your vid
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    Any folks fishing below Reregulation Dam? Great place to be fishing in the winter, also try the falls if you can find it.

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