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Thread: Visiting OKC

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    Quote Originally Posted by manotheskip View Post
    I guess I'll have to fish for some other species...thanks for the heads up...I'm going to try to head to basspro this week, maybe pick up some new flies for the other species I go for. There are also small ponds on the property where I'm staying, Isola Bella Apartments...if I could find out what kind of fish there were swimming in there, I would throw a line! anyone know about Isola Bella?
    I don't know anything about Isola Bella, but if they're anything like 99.9% of the other ponds in Oklahoma, they contain sunfish, largemouth bass, and possibly catfish.

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    I'll try for some largemouth...assuming it's not raining after training...again..if anyone wants to go sometime...pitcher of beer!!! 3.2%?

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    Turns out last week someone pulled out a 6 pound bass from the pond at isola bella...

    no hits on my popper or egg sucking wooly bugger last night..

    will try elk hair caddis dry tonight...

    any other suggestions?

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    It's a little early for topwaters as far as largemouth go. Mid-to-late April is when that bite turns on.

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    No Bass i had to settle for the tiny but plentiful least no skunk tonight...

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    Could there be smallmouth in the creek that is running off from the dam of this pond?

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    I suppose it's possible, but I'd say it's highly unlikely.

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    So...I spotted bass, largemouth, yesterday swimming in the feeder creek to the pond. 3 of them, HUGE ones. But they wouldn't bite. I posted the story in the warm water fisheries, "Reluctant bass -OKC". If you would like to comment you can comment there or here. I'm reading both.

    I threw popper, wolly bugger, and crayfish, no interest at all...

    WHAT DO I DO?!

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    Any of the city lakes rent boats? I can't find anything online...

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    If the water is dirty, try a dark color fly. If it is clear, Chartreuse, white color. I have been using dark brown and olive bead head leech. For streamer, use the Chartreuse/white with a little red color.

    You may hold off on top water until it warms up where you will see the flies. I already spotted a mayfly in my area (Wichita, Kansas) so it should be another two weeks before they go full. If you still want to try messing with top-water fly, plan out on light color mid-day and change to dark color in the even.

    Another good fly, midges. Prefer the black zebra midge or red zebra midge.

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