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    Default Is it worth bringing? Or did I miss trout season on the Guadalupe

    I'm heading to San Antonio this Thursday the 29th. I was thinking of bringing my fly rod and I've done quite a bit of reading on the internet about fishing the Guadalupe, but is it getting too warm to fish?

    Checking the weather report, it looks like 80 degrees will be the high.

    Have these fish moved to deeper water and have they developed a case of lock jaw?

    Is the "tube hatch" going to be on?

    Where is the best place to fish? At the dam, or at the pay to fish areas? (I'm not adverse to paying to fish...but I'd better damn well catch some nice fish!)

    Any suggestions would be helpful!

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    Default Re: Is it worth bringing? Or did I miss trout season on the Guadalupe

    I'd go after bass, should be prime time. Take at least one stick, and post some pix! milt.

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    Default Re: Is it worth bringing? Or did I miss trout season on the Guadalupe

    Most all the rivers that have good populations of bass are currently high and dirty, as we finally got some good rain.

    The tailrace section of the Guad is in good shape though, and there should still be decent numbers of trout left in there.

    I'd either go to Rio Raft by the fourth crossing or Action Angler at the third crossing (both allow day access for $5, I think), and fish nymphs or glo-bugs in the deep ruts in the limestone.

    I've pulled some decent fish from below the 3rd this year-

    (take note of the background in the second pic )

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    Oh, and your timing is about perfect- it should be warm enough to wet wade, but its still too cold for much tubing. Any tubers out this time of year will wait until the afternoon, so you can go early and miss them.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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