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    Talking Belly Boating in Arkansas

    Does anyone in Arkansas belly boat on the lakes and watersheds. The reason I ask is I moved here from Colorado where I belly boated a lot on the mountain lakes where snakes were never an issue. We have a couple of really nice lakes nearby and I'm thinking it would be fun as long as it's safe.

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    You'll be fine. I did it a bunch when I lived in NWARK.

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    Talking Re: Belly Boating in Arkansas

    Well today I got my old trusty pontoon float boat out and aired it up as I have to check and see if it leaks and if it does I need to deflate it and pull the blatters for repair but I'm getting ready. I also ordered new swim fins and hopefully by next week I will be at it.
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    I have always wanted to but never been able to get over the snakes. Good look

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    Talking Re: Belly Boating in Arkansas

    Well I did it last week on Galla lake in Arkansas near Pottsville. The lake is a watershed for the town of Pottsville so gas motors are allowed and it's one of the prettiest little lakes around with no houses on it.

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    Looks like a lot of fun but I will pass on this side of the state. Too many snakes over here.

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