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    Default Kayaking for fish

    I recently tried this for Redfishing in the marshes of Louisiana with very good success. While a few in my group came up with 6-12 bull reds I did okay for being the neophyte of the group. My 26" Bull made quite a fight and catch. On the other side of the spectrum comes new of those who chose to wander into blue water. Some of my friends have certainly done so but a week ago a fellow kayaker was lost and still is unaccounted for.

    Here is the bulletin;
    The Coast Guard suspended search efforts on Friday for missing kayak angler Eric Richards who has been missing since last Tuesday. Richards, 32, of Prarieville, had been seen in his kayak some 3 miles offshore off Grand Isle on Monday. On Tuesday, he didn't report to work, and later his vehicle was found by a coworker at Bridgeside where he had launched. Over the past week, the Coast Guard scanned over 3,000 square miles using a wide variety of assets, including planes, helicopters, boats. There were reports that his kayak had been found with his PFD inside, but this has not been confirmed by the Coast Guard. FYI... there are 17 million paddlers in the USA. Last year, there were 134 kayak and canoe related deaths. Of those, 118 were drownings, and of those 84 percent were not wearing PFDs at the time the body was found. There are MANY things that Mr. Richards should have done regarding safety while in open water (eg, not paddle alone, carry signal device, etc.). But if not wearing his PFD was one, it's yet another sad lesson as to why one should ALWAYS be worn when puddling.

    Be careful out there...

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    Default Re: Kayaking for fish

    Congrats on the big fish racine. That had to be quite a sleigh ride.

    Sad story of the lost kayaker. Yes, on the kayak always wear the PDF - in 3 foot of water, in the summer heat, if your an expert swimmer, and especially in the surf and beyond. Anything can happen.
    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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