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  1. Default Fly Fishing lake Catherine, AR

    Hello all; glad to be a new addition to this community!
    I live in Austin, TX and thus am accustomed to catching LMB, redbreast, crappie, bluegil and the like. However, I will be camping in Lake Catherine state park in Arkansas this coming weekend and am currently trying to get myself as prepared as possible. I've spoken with a few friends who have some experience fly fishing Lake Catherine and they've given me some pointers but I am hoping to gain a little more insight from anyone who will lend it
    So far my list of equipment for the trip consists of;

    9'0 6wt Cabelas TLr w/ Prestige 2 reel

    8' 1/2 5wt Pflueger w/cahill reel

    small assortment of poppers

    small assortment of clousers

    some varied streamers

    different top water and some midwaters

    Based on recent fishing reports and suggestions from friends, I plan to target trout, walleye, bass and stripers (in one very specific area of the lake)

    Any suggestions on flies, tactics areas to fish would be GREATLY appreciated.

    James J.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing lake Catherine, AR

    James: Welcome to the forum! Sorry I can't provide any assistance on lake Catherine, but maybe someone on the forum has fished there and can provide some insight.


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    Default Re: Fly Fishing lake Catherine, AR

    James, how did Lake Catherine turn out?

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    Fishing Wise, Lake Catherine did not turn out quite as I had hoped, but to be fair i was only able to wade and was only there for 3 days. However, both Lake Catherine and the surrounding rivers that i was able to fish were beautiful and provided crystal clear waters and very photogenic wading spots.I did manage to catch 3 decent sized fish of the sunfish variety - nothing over 9 inches - but fun none the less. This trip was a little hasty and I did not have all the equipment or time that I would have preferred have so I will likely arrange to do a similar trip sometime soon. Currently I have my sights on a 1-2 week trip out to the Devil's River in Texas; I'm eye-ing sometime between February-May for the date.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing lake Catherine, AR

    If you are willing to drive about 30 minutes south, try the little Missouri. They stock it in the winter months with rainbows and it is also photogenic.

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