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    Default where is all the MO anglers?

    with all this nice warm weather we are having here in MO where have you all been fishing and how you doing.
    i went to Bennett springs this past weekend and did ok not great. was catching most of mine on a beadhead copper john. had a few takes on a parachute adams but never could connect real well.
    also while i was down there stopped in at Readings flyshop and fell in love with a new rod so now its savings time to get me a new one LOL

    so how is your alls fishing been going

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    I've been chasing river smallmouth, but not with the fly rod. River smallies are my first love, and this time of year, while I COULD catch them with the long rod, it isn't the best, or to me the most fun, way to do it. Caught a 20 incher and a 17 incher yesterday. I did catch a few trout on flies on a three day float trip on the upper Current last week. Floated from Cedargrove to Round Spring, didn't fish all that much. It was a get together trip with a couple of old friends. Apparently the stretch below Cedargrove had been stocked recently...there were lots of stocker rainbows.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    Unfortunitly working during the day light, missing out on good weather, then hiding in the basement at night tying flies for my Florida trip like mad. Eventually I'll get out there and fish. One of the county parks they stock with trout for the winter is like 2 miles from my work. lunch break troutie time.
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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    Ugh only fishing I have got to do lately is fishing for my car keys hahaha

    THough I did just get my Flying Pig 5wt in today, SUPER sexy rode, and will hopefully get to play with it soon. It is also the last one available till March from what Larry emailed. Awesome guy and they make a hell of a looking rod.

    But I havent even had a chance to get the bike out, of course now it is suppose to snow tomorrow here in KC, and its been raining/misting all day today.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    I haven't been out much at all. I plan on Fishing the current next weekend. However I just got back from Tilles today and got a 12 incher. That was the only one.The ice was getting pretty bad.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    Cold weather and $$ has kept me indoors this winter so far. It's a good hour to each of the trout parks for me and that's gas money I'm just not spending now. Not to mention that it's been really cold this past week or so. I'm itching to fish, no doubt, but I've got to bide my time a bit longer I suppose.

    I'd be interested in maybe taking the long rod out for some winter bass since there's some rivers and lakes closer to me than trout parks, but not sure where to begin on that one. I'll take suggestions on that if anyone has some.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    Quote Originally Posted by luked View Post
    with all this nice warm weather we are having here in MO
    Nice warm weather!!!!! I need to move. At least for the winter. It's -14 right this minute and it never got above 0 all day as far as I saw. We have a lot of people from up here go to Arizona, Texas or Florida for the winter. I'm thinking they may be on to something.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?

    New Year's Eve we had nice weather in the 40's and snow. Fished the Current from Montauk down below Tan Vat about a mile. Didn't catch many, the water flow was slow.

    January trip was to Taneycomo, caught a LOT of fish on gray scuds and crackle backs. Weather was really windy but temps approached 50. Had a great time. No lunkers though.

    February trip to Current again. Only fished from the park to Tan Vat and did lots better. Caught a few on scuds but mostly crackle backs in the knee high water. Not a single fish on an olive wooly...that doesn't happen often. Weather was extremely windy but temps got into the 50's and it started to rain right when we started heading to the truck.

    Not sure where we are fishing this month but are already planning a trip to SW MO in April. Back to Wyoming in July. I am sure glad we can fish all year.

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    Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?


    I have been fishing the Current River weekly from May 2012. The winter fishing has been great. Lot's of nice fat brown's in the 12-16 inch range and yes I broke off on a couple that would have pushed 18" plus. Sounds like a typical fish story but 'tis true.

    The most productive patterns for me have been small 18/20 midge patterns. Either a copper brassie or what I call the black head midge. The latter is a small glass black bead, white tying thread, a strip of flashabou for ribbing and a touch of UV white dubbing. It didn't seem to matter what the point fly is or was as the majority of fish have been hammering the trailer.

    I spent most of the winter fishing between Baptist and Ashley Creek, though I am thinking of hitting the water between the park and Tan Vat next time out. The river is flowing nicely after a prolonged drought this last year or so. We are getting a warming trend here and the water has just of tinge in it.

    Hope to see some of you all on the river this year. Tight lines for now.


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