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Thread: Beaver Lake Tailwaters

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    Back 15-20 years ago it was very common to have 60+ fish days below Beaver on Olive Woolies or Sow Bugs. Now days it seems like 15-20 is a really good day. I generally fish a Davy's Whitetail, Ruby Midge, Y2K, or trial and error until I find a pattern they like. It might even be the old Olive Woolie or Sow Bug. Sometimes you can do pretty well skating a soft hackle trough the run down below the bathhouse and switch to midge/nymph/streamer where it pools out. My last trip up there I fished by the boat ramp up by the dam and did pretty well on Davy's Whitetails. First time I had fished that far up in many years. I normally fish the old "C&R" section or down at Parker. FYI, I don't fish Beaver as hard as I used to, ie, daylight to dark. There are some good fish in Beaver, just not the numbers there used to be, in my opinion anyway.

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    Well let us know how it goes!

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