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    Default Re: Heading to Arkansas

    Okay, I'm in Arkansas (Spring River; Mammoth Springs area).
    Got here yesterday afternoon, checked into the motel, and still had time to wet a fly before dark.
    Guy at the campground said fishing was slow (TRUE; turned cool and rained hard day before; sunny Friday).
    Caught 2 nice Rainbows. Lost several more, but at least I got to start right away. Fishing all day today. More photos to come!

    Edit with update:

    I caught 15 Rainbows on Saturday, and it took a full day of fishing to get them. Fishing was inconsistent. Most of them took a Black Wooly Bugger, but also caught some on Brown Wooly and Y2K. The majority of the fish were down deep in the current margins (4-6' depth), so I used a split shot rigged Carolina to get down. Fun stuff and great to be fishing for the weekend.
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