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  1. Default Roaring River fishing

    I know that most people think of fishing the park at Roaring River but have any of you fished below the park? Yesterday a friend and I found an access point a mile or so below the park boundry and waded up to the MDC access area finding some decent fishing along the way. It was warm enough to try terrestrials and I caught several fish on a #18 black ant,just curious to see if any other members fish this area.

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    I checked out a few access points but didn't fish below the park. Tim at Tim's Fly Shop should have some good info on where to go below the park.

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    I went to R/R last week.. and although I didnt fish outside the park - I did find that Zone 2 is a big turd now. It used to be my favorite... but after all the flooding.. it has gone in the crapper a bit.

    Zone 1 fishes well with dries.. but I didnt spend much time in Zone 2 because I found deep long straight pools and little to no riffle water.

    Where did you park for access to the spot you fished a mile below ? I see little access.

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