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    Question Questions on leaders for the White River

    Going to the White River just below Bull Shoals next weekend. I have been using 8# twisted mono and floro leaders on my 5wt recently with good success. I am wondering with the size of the trout in the white if I shouldn't bump the poundage up that my leaders are made from? I use a loop to loop connection between the leader and tippet. Thanks in advanced.

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    9 foot 5x leaders for low water with either 5x or 6x tippet. With higher water you could get away with your 8# setup. They are dumping the lake currently so we may have another 7-14 days of higher flows. Im not sure they will have the lake down to normal by this coming weekend so if you are planning on wading it maybe tough. The high water hopper fishing has been amazing. Nofork is also dumping thier lake and have been running around the clock. Norfork Lake should be low enough to possibly have wadeable water by the weekend.

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    sorry, kinda missread your question. I would only bump the line size up if they running water and you are boat fishing and trying to turn over a larger hopper or streamer. You have the chance of hanging a true giant on that larger water. If the water is low, say either dead low or a generator of water and you are wading, that 8# setup should be just fine. I would go 12# at the most, that should be plenty big

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    Hey appreciate the reply and the generation report. Im bringing plenty of hoppers. Any other terrestials besides hoppers you would advise bringing? I'll make up some heavier leaders just in case.

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    Attended the Sowbug annual show last March in Mountain Home, and got to fish the White for the first time. I threw a 5X 9' leader all three days and did very well. They were not generating much while I was there so wading was great. Tie up some Green Butts to throw if the water is low enough to wade.

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    If wading you might want to try norfolk river. I believe there is now a minimum flow on the White. Still can be done but higher water. call the hotline for generating reports.

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    I love tossing fat alberts and the bigger western foam hoppers. Sizes 4-8 will do well on higher flows, if the water is off they will still hit them but drop down to size 10-12 and drop a midge off the back. There is minimum flow on the white now, it adds an extra 4-6" of water over the dead low flow. Dont let the minimum flow scare you off, its between 500-700cfs and its very manageable and it fishes great on that flow. It is very easy to wade still and should cause no problems for you wading as long as you pay attention.

    NORFORK was fishing really well till they started dumping water out of the lake and running the units 24/7. If its low, its a great place to wade but be careful of rising water. At the lower access you can't hear the horn and it comes up fast. The # to check generation is 870-431-5311 or you can go to and click on "generation" and it will show the generation schedule for that day (not always accurate but gives you an idea). On norfork, fish a dry with a midge dropper and you should do well. That place is just full of fish.

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    Thanks for all the replies fellows keep them coming. I look forward to going but you know how it is when you fish new water. All the info I can get will help.

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