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Thread: Kcmo late april/early may

  1. Default Kcmo late april/early may

    I live in NH but will be in KCMO the last week of April/first week of May. I know very little about the area (just what I saw doing web searches) and am wondering if there is any decent fly fishing within 2 hours of the airport. I certainly am willing to use a guide and would prefer a float trip as it saves me bringing a full load of equipment.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to location or guide(s).


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    changler Guest

    Default Re: Kcmo late april/early may

    Trout fishing options are pretty limited on that part of the state...solid trout fisheries are about 3 hrs drive outside KC. Bennett Springs/ Niangua River would be the closest- stocked browns and rainbows, and it can get pretty crowded during the spring. There are a few smaller trout streams about 3 hours due south of KC around Neosho- Hickory Creek is stocked with rainbows, Capps Creek (Capps Creek | MDC Fisheries) is stocked with browns, and both can be pretty good fishing.

    If you're not wedded to coldwater fishing, there's a lot of possibilities. Smithville Lake is north of KC and has all sorts of warmwater species- largemouth bass, walleye, white bass, crappie and other panfish. That time of year their may still be white bass and walleye below the dam- not a pristine Ozark trout stream by any stretch of the imagination, but they're close, and they pull. Fleming Park and James A Reed Wildlife Area are in the southeast part of the area, and they'd also provide decent warmwater options. As far as Ozark warmwater streams, your best bet would be the Niangua and Little Niangua rivers- they have a mix of smallmouth and largemouth bass, rock bass, and panfish. It's a pretty time of year to be in the Ozarks- serviceberry, dogwood and redbud are all blooming about that time of year. Even if you don't catch anything, it's worth it

    Good luck!

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    Changler basically nails it.

    There's also several bodies of water on the Kansas side.

    That time of year they might be releasing water from the dams. A tailwater for wipers would be something you might not get to do in your area. Try to Truman lake.

    Another possibility. http:// The Flint Hills are a gorgeous area. I grew up in them.

    This site is to a fly fishing guide who's well-regarded. In that county is also the tallgrass prairie preserve. It's run by the Audobon society and the National Park Service as an historic ranch and native prairie. Worth seeing.

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