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  1. Default Best destinations in Missouri?

    Can anyone point a newbie to the best spots in the Show Me state? I am aware of the trout streams, but trout are not my main interest. Mainly panfish and bass are what I am seeking. Thanks, NRA

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    If you're in the St. Louis area, you can head out Hwy 40 just past the river and take Hwy 94 south to the August A Busch Conservation Area where there are something like thirty lakes and ponds with lots of opportunities for what's I'd call "semi-rural" warmwater fishing. The upper Meramec has been good to me with regards to smallmouth in the past and if you head up around where it meets with the Courtois, the water is still pretty clear.

    Of course, the upper Current River and the North Fork of the White are excellent trout fisheries...

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    Here's the MDC website address: Fishing

    I think I recall that you were in Smithville, so I also link you to this describing northwest Missouri: Fishing Northwest Missouri

    I've researched several of those lakes and Mozingo, Bilby Ranch, and Pony Express look to be especially good. Try this link for Mozingo: Monzingo Lake, Maryville, Mo-MSIN It's a fairly new lake and looks to be a gem.

    Jacamo, Blue Springs, and Longview Lakes near KC have good reputations as well. If you're up for a drive, Truman, Lake of the Ozarks, and Table Rock are excellent. So is Mark Twain. You'd want to investigate the species. Try OzarkAnglers.Com- Home Page and get into their forums. They've got webboards specific to each lake.

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    Thanks for posting the Ozarkanglers site. It just opened up my eyes about all the fishing destinations in Missouri.

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