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    Default White Bass Run in Akransas

    I'm here in Northwest Arkansas and was wondering if anyone had any info on the white bass run? Are they going yet??

    I also wanted to know if anyone knew of any other place to go besides twin bridges near Fayetteville. I heard that can be packed with people.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: White Bass Run in Akransas

    There were a ton of folks at Twin Bridges today. I don' know if they are catching the white bass yet.

    I'd rather fish War Eagle or Spring Creek than put up with the rod and reel guys at Twin Bridges.
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    Default Re: White Bass Run in Akransas

    I went to twin bridges yesterday and there were a lot of bait fishermen there. The whites aren't running up there yet either. I cant figure out how to get on war eagle below the mill dam. I haven't thought about spring creek. Thanks for the reply.
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    Default Re: White Bass Run in Akransas

    I saw they are starting to run in the Sac River.
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    I was up there about the time you posted and had decent luck on the little missouri.

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