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That would be neat. I got a chance to see a working gristmill once but didn't see it operate.
Yep, Dillard Mill is well worth a visit, especially if somebody is there to run it. My wife and I visited it one winter day when the lady just happened to be there. Had it all to ourself, and she spent a lot of time letting it operate and showing us everything in depth. And it's an absolutely gorgeous spot. It also has a very interesting (to me at least) geological setting. Huzzah Creek comes down its valley to the spot of the mill dam, and at that point the valley continues on to the right as you're looking at the mill from downstream, but the creek itself used to drop over a little waterfall that you can still see, into the big pool below. The creek's valley continues around a bend and the creek below the waterfall is in the lower part of the valley on the other end of the bend. In other words, at that point the creek cut through the very narrow neck of the bend, leaving the rest of the bend abandoned and the high ground where the mill building sits as a "lost hill". There are many cut-off entrenched meanders and lost hills in the Ozarks, but this one is the most geologically recent cut-off, hence the little waterfall, the height of which was the drop of the creek as it originally went around the bend and back to that spot. Most entrenched meander cut-offs are old enough that the drop has been leveled out.