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  1. Default river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    Just moved up from NW Arkansas to St. Louis county in the last month. NWA and the Ozarks had plenty of great trout rivers and streams. Not having any luck finding anything too close to West St. Louis County.

    Anyone know where some nearby trout fishing might be? Prefer something other than a state park...but beggers can't be choosers, I suppose.

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    Default Re: river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    Welcome to the Wonderful State of Missouri! Stuff like meramec wouldn't be do bad for you I do not believe. check out they have a lolt of stuff that is very usable. Click locations and pick St. Louis Region. Good Luck and Report back.

  3. Default Re: river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    lancer is right, Meramec is the closest thing. you can walk down out of the park to fish, and there is a place or 2 to access the river down below. I prefer Montauk S.P. on the Current more, but it's about another hour on past Meramec. There are some blue and red ribbon waters around Rolla, but i haven't fished them (a five minute drive is hard to pass up when you want to get a line wet). If you go to your local Dept of Conservation office, you can pick up a trout map of Missouri, which will show you where to go; parks, red, white, and blue ribbon areas.

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    Default Re: river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    Welcome to the forum,

    I keep saying that we have great members and you have found two already. Hope to hear more from you here,


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    Default Re: river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    Welcome to MO and this site.

    Our Trout park system does a good job keeping us Midwesterners into fish.

    The rivers below or around them yield fish and are stocked monthly. During the winter you can Catch and Release in all of the parks.

    If you have kids our four parks has Kid's day in May and what a hoot it is to watch "Barbie" rods land 3 and 5 pound trout while Dads watch.

    Look up winter urban lake program. It starts C&R in Novemeber through January with Feb. catch and keep. They recommend no bait during the C&R time but some do. When catch and keep happens the trout are all caught up in 2 weeks time.

    Montauk has Babtist and Tan Vat access below the park (great fish early season)
    Meramac has Cardiac Hill and Suicide Access (and respect the name)
    Bennett has NRO putin both up and down stream

    Here is a link I use for water levels and just looking at what is happening in MO for trout fishing. Go to the bottom to see other links.

    Ozark Weather and Trout Fishing Reports

    Good luck... CritterGetter

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    Default Re: river/creek trout near West St. Louis?..Help, please

    Everyone has pretty much taken care of the trout parks, and access to areas around them. other places you might want to check out are Blue Springs Creek, Little Piney River and Mill creek. They are all within an hour and a half drive and have trout in them.

    Another good resource is the MDC website, Trout Areas | MDC is quiet helpful. Also might want to look into the website,, they have a nice fourm and lots of info.
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