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  1. Question Twin Buttes or Nasworthy? (San Angelo)

    I'm headed to San Angelo this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of wading at either Twin Buttes or Nasworthy. I have a map showing the location of christmas trees that the TPW put out but they said that each of the locations would require a boat.

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

  2. Default Re: Twin Buttes or Nasworthy? (San Angelo)

    Well, I thought that I would give a quick update on my trip down to San Angelo.

    Twin Buttes - If you have 4WD you may be able to get to some nice wading spots. However, access is VERY limited and didn't catch very much.

    Nasworthy - The State Park off of Red Bluff Road has some very nice channels that you can wade out in. The fishing conditions are very poor after about 9am due to all of the ski boats that are out there.

    Concho River - We actually put a small canoe in downtown and it proved to be a very nice little river with some nice structure and vegetation along the banks. The flow rate is incredibly slow and be mindful of the water falls (the two to three foot ones).

    All of this was done with the daytime temperature highs being around 100+.

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