Yes... I fished both the Mulcock and the Foley Ranch in 2000. I had my biggest trout catch of all time on the Mulcock. I caught about 80 fish that day. I found a few deep pools that were loaded and they would take my BH Prince one drift after another.

At that time you had to be a member of the Mulcock Ranch fishing club to fish. I think it was $750 for a year’s membership. I called him and expressed my interest and he let me fish it one day as a trial for $100. He stocked his section pretty good before I got there. That's probably why I caught that many fish. I almost joined but decided not to since its so far away from Tyler, Texas. I didn’t think I'd fish it enough to get my monies worth. Is he still selling memberships?

I had a good two days on the Foley on that same trip. I caught 20-something on each day. At that time, the Foley didn’t stock. The Foleys fed us a Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder that was out of this world.

A year or two later I scheduled another trip on the Foley but we had a few issues so I cancelled the trip. Is the Foley still in operation? I've heard they've had some problems.

Anyway… I'd love to fish the Penasco again some day.