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Thread: Hub City Tyers

  1. Default Hub City Tyers

    Hello all. New to the forum(s) and actually new to the group metioned in the subject line. Yet, I'm hoping that since these forums were mentioned in the recent E-mail from Mtn. Hideaway, some adventurous soul will happen upon this and take up the dialogue perhaps before the tying on Saturday (and planning for the San Juan trip at the end of Feb). I have yet to meet any of you, having just moved to town two years ago (and finding out about the store in the last 9 months). Busy with school, but FFish & Tie and am going through withdrawals having got started with both in the cold waters of the Northwest -- and, alas, having done none down here. Would love to get to know some of the locals who may be willing to make room under the wing for a new fellah to the area.

    Take care,

    Te vas por la sombrita

  2. Default Welcome

    Hello TJ and welcome to the forum. Where are you located? Perhaps we can help establish a network for you.


  3. Default Hub City Fly Tyers

    Hey TJ, glad to hear you might make it Saturday! For those of you wondering about the Hyb City Tyers, it is loose group of tyers from the Lubbock area who get together periodicaly and tie flies.

    This Saturday, January 29th - Hub City Fly Tyers – this is a Fly Tyer’s Round Table that is open to everyone, free of charge. Bring your tools & materials (we have extra if needed) and enjoy the company of other local tyers as you trade tips, techniques and fish stories. 9:00 to 11:00a.m. at the Mountain Hideaway, 4816 50th Street, Lubbock, TX; we’ll provide the coffee. I will be working on patterns for the up coming San Juan trip.
    Kyle Jones - Owner
    Mountain Hideaway Fly Fishing Shop

  4. Default Good to hear from you . . .

    Steve and Hideaway . . .

    Thanks for the quick responses. Yes, I'm located in Lubbock, TX and the Hub City Fly Tyers represent the first group I've heard of locally; looking forward to meeting you all this Saturday!!!

    I got started with cold water rivers in UT, taking up nymphing almost exclusively at first for browns, bows, cutts, etc. (the occasional, unexpected, but hard fighting whitefish included). Then I had a chance during a summer and spring to experience caddis and BWO hatches and loved it. Now if I see the water moving (surface and even sippers) I'm trying to build the skill and broaden my experience. If not, I usually go surface patterns with droppers and/or down deep. Any-hoo . . .

    As for tying, looking forward to sitting with those who tie upwing patterns well and learning. As for nymphs and various simple spun deer hair patterns (, I'm looking forward to sharing with those who have the interest and -- as always -- learn more.

    Take care and thanks again for the response gents.

    Te vas por la sombrita

  5. Default

    TJ and Lubbock tyers, we have people in East Texas who fish the San Juan fairly often. Perhaps you folks would share some of your patterns and tying knowledge for that area with others. I'd like to invite you to post some information in the Fly Tyers section of this site. We'll all be interested to find out how your upcoming SJ trip goes.

  6. Default

    Hello Hub City:

    Where do you guys mostly like to fly fish?


  7. Default San Juan Newbie . . .


    Kyle and his contacts are likely the best when it comes to patterns, tips, tricks for the SJ. I will be joining them for the first time next month for their annual trip. So . . . I'm as interested in answers as you are and fortunately will have the opportunity to see some first hand this weekend.

    As for your question Steve, my experience is limited to the last five years off and on when grad. school has allowed both time and expense. Here in Texas, I have yet to go. Before moving here, however, I lived in UT and fished many rivers, streams, and creeks for four years. Though I never floated or fished the Green River, I did however enjoy many other smaller waters from the Provo river (upper, middle, and lower) to some of the streams in the Uintahs and Wasatch mtn. ranges that offered all a guy could hope for who was new to the experience. FYI, those interested in more information regarding in the UT expereince may find the following site very helpful. The people and information are top notch overall, the two site adminstrators being folks who try and maintain such.

    Take care,

    Te vas por la sombrita

  8. Default Fishing in West Texas


    For warm water: we have several reservoirs within an hour of here, but the best and biggest is Lake Alan Henry. It is about an hour south and it is a huge lake with only one baot ramp. Development around the lake is restricted, so it keeps the traffic to a minimum. Some kind of watercraft is a must, it is a dammed canyon and there are no banks to fish from. I like to fish it from a kayak and the bass fishing is incredible. Excellent top water action in the spring and fall.

    For cold water: we can be fishing the Rio Penasco in southern New Mexico inless than 4 hours. It is a great fishery especially October through May, but it is all private and you have to pay for access. I personally believe it is well worth it.

    We spend most of our time in Northern New Mexico. In less than 6 hours we can be at the Pecos, the Cimarron, the Rio Grande, the Red River, and many more. Northern New Mexico is a wonderful fishery, with loads of uncrowed water if you are willing to look for it. Please let me know if you want specifics.
    Kyle Jones - Owner
    Mountain Hideaway Fly Fishing Shop

  9. Default

    Do you fish the Foley or Mulcock Ranch?


  10. Default

    I mainly fish the Mulcock Ranch. Mr Mulcock has done a wonderful job managing his water, but the key to his success is his water. His stretch has a bunch of springs feeding it, and it is has a very consistent flow and temperture. He has year round hatches, and it seems there is always fish rising! Have you been on the Mulcock?
    Kyle Jones - Owner
    Mountain Hideaway Fly Fishing Shop

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