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  1. Default Oklahoma Smallmouth Fishing

    I've read there is some good smallmouth fishing, along with a few walleyes, in the river north of Beavers Bend that feeds into the lake. Does anyone know if this water is accessible to the public for wading? And if so, any pointers on where to go?

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    They're many good small mouth rivers and creeks in that area. The Glover, Upper Mt. Fork, Buffalo Creek and Big Eagle Creek. Its pretty much all wadable and easy to fish. You may need a small craft on the Upper Mt. Fork. Rob Woodruff is the expert for this area. I will see if he will respond to your questions. I also have a decent map of the area. I will bring it to you at the next LSFF meeting. Some of these streams may not be the safest place to be so you’d better be packing.

    SR :lol:

  4. Default Small mouth water

    Steve, are you saying this is where they might have filmed Burt Reynolds in Deliverance? Not sure I want to mix it up with folks like that.

  5. Default Good Ol' Boys

    Yes... there are plenty of Good O'l Boys in those parts growing their Latin Lettuce... South of the Border Butts.... Hooch... or whatever you want to call it. The last thing you want to do is stumble upon their patch.

    Its not as bad as I make it sound but you do have to be very careful. Do not go alone and carry a weapon... at least have something in your vehicle. Most of those areas are perfectly fine... but some, Buffalo Creek, for example are way down in the boonies and it can get pretty spooky some times. But hey, the fishing is great and its a really pretty area.

    Rob Woodruff taught me most of what I know about fly fishing for smallies in Southeast Oklahoma. I've hired him as a guide to fish those streams and certainly got my monies worth. He is a great guide and will give you a wonderful education on the area and techniques for smallies. Check out his web site at

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    Steve has pretty much covered the waters and warnings I would give. The other thing you need is to buy a Three rivers Wildlife Managment Area Pass. You can get one anywhere that sells OK fishing licenses. It gives you full access to the Three Rivers and Honobia Wildlife Managment areas. It is difficult to tell when you are on the WMA and when you are in the national forest. The fines are stiff, so it is best to go ahead and get the pass so as not to worry. $26.00 for 930,000 acres access is a good deal.

    The easiest and safest access for Smallmouth is the Upper Mountain Fork in the "Narrows" area. Head north on Hwy. 259. You will see a large paved area on the right, this is the Old Narrows, a mile farther north is the new Narrows. The Walleye are in this area in Feb. and March. There is also a great Sand Bass run in late Feb. and March, sometimes into April.

    Rob Woodruff

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    Thanks Rob and Steve. I've never caught a smallie, and have been wanting to give it a try on the fly. I'd thought that area would be about the closest to Tyler to find them. The area you mentioned on up 259 sounds good. I'm assuming the wildlife area that the pass entitles you to is all public land, or are there areas that would result in trespassing?

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    There are pockets of private land scattered thoughout the Three Rivers WMA and the Ouachita National Forest. Oklahoma law differs from Texas law in that land owners own the stream bottom and can restrict wade access across their property. However if they want to restrict access it is their duty to post the land. Oklahoma follows the "purple paint rule" like Texas and Arkansas does. Currently I don't know of any stream front that is posted in the region we are talking about.

  9. Default Re: Oklahoma Smallmouth Fishing

    Hey Gordon! I'm Mike B from the Texas Fly Reports. Give me a shout when you are coming up and we'll hit a few of those rivers thefullcreel mentioned. October- November are prime smallie months!

  10. Default Re: Oklahoma Smallmouth Fishing

    Hey Mike:

    Welcome to the forum!!!


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    Hey Mike, good to have you on this forum also. I don't know whether OK is going to be on my schedule for any time soon, may be much later in the fall.
    Sure would like to wet a line with youl. And I'm really hoping Alex takes you up on the Laughing Bass filming project. I need to bring Steve Robbins up to date on that project also. Will be in touch.

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