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    Question Best Times for Guadalupe?

    BigCliff (& anyone else familiar with fishing the Guadalupe near San Antonio),

    Having gotten skunked this past month on our long-awaited fly-fishing trip to Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons/Yellowstone thanks to Hurricane Ike arriving the day we were supposed to leave, I'm looking at closer locales within driving distance of Houston where I won't be out the $600+ I was for the prepaid airfare and rental car for our Wyoming trip. I'd never thought of the Guadalupe until I saw a fly-fishing map for it at the local Orvis store.

    I'm guessing as the only year-around (maybe being tailwater?) trout water in Texas, it gets a lot of fishing pressure. On the other hand, it probably fishes best in non-summer-vacation months where maybe during the week there might be less pressure, particularly since southern Texas winters usually aren't too bad.

    Any suggestions as to good fishing months, recommended guides to get the lay of the river, knowledgeable local fly-shops, good inexpensive places to overnight and any other resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Well, I haven't done all the Guadalupe, but rest assured it is not a year around tailwater - Central Texas heat takes care of that. I will probably make it there this season and I think the consensus is dead of winter for the Guadalupe as a best time to fish it (Texas winter there is incredibly mild). That's when it gets stocked and even the GRTU gets involved with a stocking program of their own. THE fly shop for that area is Gruene Outfitters in Gruene, Texas. The Guad. is hardly far removed from civilization so lodging is never an issue. I stumbled on a guide last night who seems like he knows what's going on - I will see if I can find his link again. He's an African American guy with dreads. Cool. I think I have more information on my web site from last year. It's . Shannon

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    Here's that guide; . Shannon

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    I'd skip the Guadalupe until Dec-Mar. Instead head to the Frio, Sabinal, Medina for some spotted bass and panfish.

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    OR, skip those stocker trout and try Stripers or spring Wipers up here! But, if you are right there on the Gulf Coast, I must wonder why you don't attack the salt? texasflycaster

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    Default Re: Best Times for Guadalupe?

    First, thanks to Shannon and Seattleman1969 (is there a story there in that moniker?) for your advice.

    As to why I don't fish the obvious Gulf Coast choice of salt water, I started out fly-fishing on Rocky Mountain stream trout fishing (even though before I got into fly-fishing, I fished everything from salt water - eastern Long Island where I was raised - to mid-western rivers and reservoirs for walleyes, pike, crappies, etc). However, the first time (in Northern Iowa) I watched a rainbow hit my salmon egg or corn kernal on a spinning rig in crystal clear water, I was hooked. Adding the scenic locale of the Rockies to the thrill of having a trout hit a fly I tied has made it such that I don't want to look back to what I regard as "ordinary fishing".

    Shannon, your website is fascinating! The guide you mentioned has a great website also, with a lot of really helpful links.

    Sounds like, as I suspected, that the Guad should be fly-fished in the winter months, which fits in perfectly since that's when the Rockies are snowed in.

    Thanks again, guys.

    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Let me add another datail; there's an "Orvis guide" who lives up here but fishes Oklahoma and Texas, and is a real hardcore "bug guy" (entomologist Texas A&M), I went to a presentation of his today in the Dallas store ... anyway he's doing a seminar down on the Guadalupe in early November. I am not that good on knowing my bugs, so I am going to be there. This guy is a brain for sure. Here's his site - . I am pretty sure the upcoming seminar is a GRTU sponsored one, and no matter what - well worth it. shannon

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    Default Re: Best Times for Guadalupe?

    Sorry for the late arrival to the topic.

    The best source of info on when they stock the river will be found on the website. The first stockings generally occur in november, but waiting a while longer until there's more fish in the river isn't a bad idea.

    There are 3 different ways to fish for the trout on the Guad: the public areas (some with a fee), the GRTU Leases, and with a Guide. The public areas include the free access area right below the dam, as well as some campgrounds that allow anyone to pay $3+ to fish for the day. The GRTU leases are explained further on their website, and definitely give you access to the CONSIDERABLY larger fish that they buy and stock. (4lbs is not at all rare) Fishing with a guide is the surest way to catch fish. Alvin is very highly regarded, as are Kevin Stubbs, Bill sumthineranuther, and if he's in the state Scott Graham. (no relation) If you're going to be in town for multiple days, spending the first day with a guide will likely make the following days much more productive.

    Some fish holdover and make it through the summer, but they're not easy to find. That said, a buddy of mine was picking up some on hoppers the other day.

    There are some lodges and cabins near the river where one can stay, or you can get a more typical hotel in New Braunfels and be close to the action. The wife might like staying at one of the B&B's in Gruene or Wimberley. Places worth eating at include the Huisache Grill, the NB Smokehouse, Rudy's BBQ, and the Grist Mill and Adobe Verde in Gruene.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Awesome information! But where can I find more about GRTU leases - especially since I am a GRTU / TU lifer. Thanks in advance, shannon drawe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
    First, thanks to Shannon and Seattleman1969 (is there a story there in that moniker?)

    Not really, I lived in seattle when I created my first internet account on yahoo more than 12 years ago and I was born in 1969. Just recently moved back to Texas but will be going back to the NW regularly as my daughter lives there.

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