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Thread: IL River

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    Default IL River

    I went fishing below Tenkiller the other day on the IL River. I was fishing below a cross-vein and only had one bite. I primarily was using top-waters but my one bite was on a pheasant tail. It'd been getting caught up on rocks, I'd jiggle it and it'd come loose, but once it wiggled and I could tell, it wasn't a rock, but I missed it.

    A gentleman came walking out of the wood's, we talked, he looked at what I was fishing and gave me two woolieboogers and told me where to go, "cast downstream and slowly strip the line in". He had caught a couple dozen but had to leave foe an appointment. I found the spot and still got my butt handed to me.

    My question is - those flies were sinkers, I'd cast downstream but while slowly striping the line back in, it hang up on rocks; I just don't think I understand how to do it right. Any advice?

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    Not sure how far downstream of the vein you were fishing, but there's not much deep water below the vein and even downstream, until you head way on further. Even right above the vein it's not terribly deep and if you are not stripping it quick enough, or holding your rod up somewhat, or too much weight, it's going to sink rather quickly in the slower water. Like you, I really enjoy using surface flies there and have done very well with them. Sometimes, much better than weighted flies. Upstream towards the dam, there's some pretty deep, but very slow, water where you probably won't get hung up on the rocks as bad and it normally holds a good population of trout.
    Just curious though... Is the water still a green murky color? I haven't fished it this year, but from what I'm hearing, it's been very off colored.


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    Default Re: IL River

    I went were he said and you are correct it is not very deep, and he said that, between ankles and knees. It was in a ripple. I did not hold the rod tip up, dumb old bass fisherman from a boat tactic, point the tip toward the water. He also used pretty hefty flies and hooks, I noticed they were much different to cast also. I'd have thought they'd fling a long way, but determined they caught a lot of air, I guess. The water was not green or murky, I thought it was very nice.

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    Me n nephew are heading to dam area Thursday, hope they’re biting. Plan on using white scuds and small olive woolies.
    Look out fish, Im learning a new way to catch you.

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    I’ll be curious as to how you do. Been hearing very discouraging news about the water releases. I’ve heard that the corps has stopped releasing a minimum flow and the only water being released is during generations. I’m sure that’s bad for the whole river ecological system.

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    We did great at the Watts area, probably caught 20 ish small stockers. sz10 olive WB beadhead. Water was semi clear and moving slow, things appeared healthy and temps were cool enough to sustain the trout. A few others seemed to be catching fish, nothing big.

    Around 1:30pm they released water, came up about a foot or Lil more. Was supposed to release for 6 hours.

    We had a great time, was nephews first fly fishing trip for trout. Was a nice relaxing time. Enjoyed our shore lunch of Vienna Sausages, cheese n crackers. Just wished we woulda took pics on the water.
    Look out fish, Im learning a new way to catch you.

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    Heading back down tomorrow. Plan on keeping a limit for the table. Butter, onions, almonds served with wild rice and this really thin cornbread my wife makes.

    Plus I just got a new Matchcatch 6’6” 2wt I cant wait to try out.
    Look out fish, Im learning a new way to catch you.

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