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Thread: Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

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    Default Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

    Now that I have received some instruction and a little confidence I am heading off to Broken Bow/Beavers Bend next week to put my new found skills to work and try to catch some trout. I am aware of Sid and the Beavers Bend Fly Shop. Can anyone recommend any other resources or have any pointers for a first timer? I have heard about Evening Hole. Where is it? Zone 1 or 2? Where should I go as a first timer? Is Zone 2 fly fishing only? Also any recommendation on where to stay? Eat? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

    Three Rivers fly shop is equally great and actually my preference. Its on HWY 259 outside the park. Great folks there too.

    I prefer to fish Spillway Creek and the new creek ( i think its called "lost creek") more than the main river channel in the park. A green copper john under a peacock and partridge fished with an indicator is my best producing combo in the faster water.

    If you're going to fish the main river channel, midges are most effective, and worth the fuss involved. A similar combo of a zebra midge under a midge emerger is a good combo. Evening hole is within the park, and midging there will produce well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    hi txbevo, evening hole is just north of beaver bend fly shop in zone 1. there are also red and blue areas that are well marked. each having differant regs. as big cliff said spillway creek and lost creek are good choices. broken bow motel is ok. i mostly camp in the park. papa plbanos is a great place to eat. hope you have a good trip there. i always do.

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    Default Re: Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

    Camping in the park is great this time of year so you might give it a try. There are also cabins within the park that are OK but nothing grand. I always enjoy stopping by Stevens Gap Cafe in Hotchatown just outside the park. Try the fried catfish and beans. Great pies.

    Now, for the important info. BC and shortguy have provided you with some great info and you should try it. I'll also suggest that you try a pheasant tail soft hackle, red arse, and sparkle pupa as droppers to an adams, BWO, or EHC. And never underestimate the power of the Zebra Midge in red, black, wine or olive. Be prepared to adapt by changing your flies often if you are not keying in on anything. Stop by both the fly shops if you get the chance and buy some flies that they suggest and get some great info from both owners. You can pick up a map at one of the fly shops to get an ideal to where to fish.

    I still use the terms Zone 1, 2, and 3 but now they are the blue and red sections. I don't remember which one is which, I just know where to go. Lost Creek, Evening Hole, and Zone 2 require single barbed hooks and No bait allowed. For the most part catch and release. Not exactly true but hopefully you will not want to keep any from these sections. There are plenty of section to keep a fish or two if you like Spillway Creek or below the Evening Hole to the Old Park Dam. Try to pinch the barb down for both the safety of yourself and the fish.

    Hope you enjoy your trip. Give us a report when you get the chance.
    Tight Lines,
    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    evening hole is in zone one. zone two seems to be not fishing well, time of year, the lake needs to turn and the weather to stabilize. Small dries in the eveing trailed by an RS2. You can also nymph the run below the bridge with a prince nymph up top and an rs2 or phez on the bottom.

    good luck,

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    Default Re: Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

    Well txbevo, how did ya do? I plan to go get my OK license so I can go back to Broken Bow. The new year just started on their it is time to get one. My son and I have only been once, but we LOVE that place.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Default Re: Broken Bow/Beavers Bend

    Still haven't made it up to Broken Bow yet. Have been fishing down on the Guad and the Brazos at PK. Looking forward to getting up to OK soon though. Found a DVD at Bass Pro about fishing the LMFR. It is not exactly professional quality, but it shows the filmmakers love for the river. Definitely makes one want to go up there and fish.

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    I am heading up to Broken Bow Wednesday through Saturday. Can I get some pointers on locations for larger trout. I am a veteran fly fisher and definitely looking for more than just stockers.

    Thanks in advance for the help and info.

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    I was in BB the last 2 weekends fishing. Larger fish are below the lower park dam and between rereg dam and presby falls.

    Check with Jesse at Three Rivers Fly Shop, outside the park, or Sid at Beavers Bend Fly Shop, inside the park, for the power generating schedule.

    Sid has a weekly fishing report on his website.

    Beavers Bend Fly Shop

    Lower Mountain Fork River Founda will give you a map of the area.

    There are 2 well marked red zones, Evening hole and Lost creek are both barbless catch&release areas. Also from the lower park dam down to rough creek is red.

    Fishing has been good, 12-16 rainbows, on Spillway creek using green caddis nymphs, cream or zebra midges and pheasant tails. March Browns are starting to hatch.

    The wife caught a nice brown, 23" on a size 14 pheasant tail just below the lower park dam. Our best fishing has been between rereg dam and presby browns and rainbows 18-22 inches.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.


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    Excellent report! Thanks for the information. I will be fishing two and a half days, so that should give me time to try out several different places. I am especially excited about fishing for some of those big browns!!!

    Now when you mention fishing the March Brown, is that in its dry phase, or nymphing?

    I see you are in Mckinney...are you planning on being up there this coming weekend? If so I would enjoy fishing with you a little. This will be my first trip to BB and LMF.

    Thanks for all your help.


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