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Thread: Brazos River

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    Default Brazos River

    Got a chance to go to the Brazos yesterday to look around. I didn't have my rod & reel with me, but wanted to check it out since I was in the general vicinity. I went up by the dam and around the Hwy 16 bridge area. It was a beautiful day and I spent over an hour looking around. Didn't run across another soul.

    I know a lot of the fishing is done by floating the river. That is not an option for me right now and I would prefer to wade fish if possible. How is the fishing from the bridge up toward the dam? I saw some promising areas from the trail along that stretch, but where does one access the river? Do you have to get in at the bridge access and hike or fish your way upstream? It looked to me like you would have to do some bushwacking (not a problem) and climbing (could be a problem) to access the river up toward the dam. Can you wade downstream from the dam? Are their other access points downstream from the bridge? This looks like an excellent place to fish and I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

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    txbevo - are you talking below the dam at PK? if so you can go past the bridge and turn left and go down along the road next to the fishery and get closer to the dam....depth varies based on them letting water out but should be fairly shallow now I would think.

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    Yes. I am talking below PK. I drove up next to the dam and the river level is low enough to wade. I am wondering how you get down to the river. I didn't see any real easy access areas.

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    There are no real easy accesses on the North (road) side...I usually stop about 1/4 mile or less before road ends and scramble down the bank...gettin in is sure alot easier than getting out. if you are up for some company I would be more than happy to partner up...send me a PM with contact info if you are interested.

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    Default Re: Brazos River

    If you park near the hwy 16 bridge, there are two ways of getting up towards the dam. You can wade/hike up the bank on the right (facing upstream), or hike through the woods on the left side. Up close to the dam, on the left side, I got into quite a few white bass the last time I fished there.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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