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  1. Default Oklahoma Resumes Trout Stocking

    Found another one in my North American Fishing Weekly News:

    Oklahoma Resumes Trout Stocking
    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Trout stocking on Oklahoma's lower Mountain Fork River designated trout area below Broken Bow Lake will resume this month, according to officials with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC).
    The DWC temporarily suspended trout stocking at this popular stream after fisheries personnel determined that the water temperature was too warm for rainbow trout. "The situation is much improved," says the DWC's Paul Balkenbush. "We're finally seeing the cool weather that you'd expect to have this time of year. We still need rain, but the water temperature situation is back where we need it to be." Balkenbush says anglers planning trips to the lower Mountain Fork River should have excellent fishing this fall. "Our stocking numbers will increase 33 percent during November and part of December as we replenish those fish that should have been stocked during the suspension," he says.

    If this is old again sorry. Just figured everyone in Oklahoma and Texas might like to know this.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma Resumes Trout Stocking

    Not really old, I'm headed up there this weekend and its important news to me. Apparently the amount that increased 33 percent was the weight of the fish, as I read a report from the shop closeset to there saysing that they sold out of 2x tippet because so many guys were breaking fish off. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    seeing as your headed up there this weekend i wish you good luck. and remember don't catch em all.

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    Hey BigCliff,
    I'll be there this weekend for Rob Woodruff's Entomology class on Sat. & Sun. at Three Rivers Fly Shop. If you get the chance stop by and we can hook up. I drive a Black Toyota Tundra Limited Super Cab with a bed cover if you see in on the river its me.

    I was up there this last weekend with Steve Robbins' Fly Fishing Class and there were some big ones being pulled out of Zone 1 even. Of course you have to deal with the bait casters etc but it is still fun to fish. I got skunked but I learned a thing or two or three or four or five from Steve that I hope will help me next time. Kudos to Steve for the help.

    Good luck,

    P.S. Hey Steve if you have any pics to post please do. Thx.

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    Hey Darknight and everyone else,

    must say in a way i envy you guys. here in the north where i live trout fishing is very limited. granted we have the steelhead and salmon run on the st joe river. but as far as trout were very limited. if i remeber right there is only about 3,000 +or- trout stocked in streams and rivers within 45 miles of me. on contrast within 9 miles of me there is close to 50,000 walleye stocked on just 2 lakes. go to roughly the same area and that number almost triples or more. maybe someday maybe indiana will stock more trout untill them i'm chasing the gills, bass, and walleyes.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma Resumes Trout Stocking

    Darkknight I'll kinda be along for the ride saturday but I will try to meet up with you somehow. My Father in Law and I will either be in by Charcoal grey Scion Tc or his tan Ford Ranger. We'll likely be fishing zone I all day before I have to head back to drum at church in Irving sunday am. I'm sure Steve got you well trained and ready to do some catching this weekend.

    Freeze69, most of us in the south have to drive a pretty good ways to fish for trout. From where I am in the D/FW Metromess, its about 4 hrs to the LMF, 4 hrs to the Guadalupe, and two hours to the Possum Kingdom Tailrace. I'd love the chance to fish for the big salmonids you have up there, but I'm not saying thats enough to get me to move there.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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