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  1. Default New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and am really excited to be a part of it. I just really got into fly fishing about 2 years ago, and spent my first year living in Colorado fishing with my father-in-law who has fished there his whole life. He was able to teach me a lot about the art of it all, and I was able to catch a lot of fish with his help. I have since moved to Oklahoma City for a new job, and all i hear about is the Lower Mountain Fork in Southeast Oklahoma. Just wanted to get any advice about that river. Is it really a good one for trout? is it probably the closest there is to OKC? Also, it is December 29. In Colorado it is too cold and everyone turns to ice fishing, but is the LMF still goof to fly fish if I would go this weekend? Sorry for all the questions. I'm happy to be here.


  2. Default Re: New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    LMB are much harder fighters than trout.. If you get a chance to chase them do it.

  3. Default Re: New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    Hello Pete:

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

    The LMF is a good trout stream... its not GREAT... but its pretty good. It is the best trout stream that we have in this small region. The LMF fishes very well in December so you should do fine.

    Before you go, call Sid Ingram at Beaver's Bend Fly Shop at (580) 494-6071. Sid can give you all of the up-to-date info on how the river is fishing at any given time. Tell him Steve at the forum sent you.


  4. Default Re: New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    Thanks for the information. It will probably be mid-January before I get over there, but I am excited to go see how it is and do a little fishing. Thanks again.


  5. Default Re: New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    Pete, Load up and head on down to the LMFR. I have fished it 4 days this past week and Have caught fish each day. Some one said it is OK down here but they were Wrong. It is great!! Not only is it a great fishery, It is a beautiful fishery..You want get to fish with many Okies like my self but you can sure rub elbows with a good many Texans..LOL Well I got me a buch of fishing friends from Texas and they keep coming up here and they even call me by Name sometimes...I wouldn't wait till med January. Weather is great this weekend and Spillway Creek is producing well..

  6. Thumbs down Re: New to Oklahoma, missing Colorado

    I would stay away from the Lower Mountain Fork if I were you. It's way too crowded and the fish are very small. The Blue river and the Lower Illinois and probablly closer to you and are much better fisheries. Also if you are into fishing in solitude on a clear Colorado type mountain stream check out a little tailwater in Texas below Possum Kingdom lake, and for a Texas style alpine lake experience check out Towne Lake in McKinney Texas. All of these are much better choices than the LMF, but of course I've been known to lie.

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