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Thread: New to Forum and the Lower Mid-US

  1. Default New to Forum and the Lower Mid-US

    Fellow Anglers,
    I am new to the forum as well as Texas (Dallas). Wanted to say hello to the group and how impressed i am with information I have seen thus far.

    I am planning on my first outing to Broken Bow/Beaver Bend State Park weekend after next and would appreciate any info anyone has to offer. Heard great things about the "Spillway" and "Lost Creek", also what has been refered to as Zone II, (restricted to flys and lures those areas). I will be sure to give a full report after the trip.

    I have read a couple of threads on the area, but if anyone wants to share some recent knowledge, flys, and places to eat I would appreciate it.

  2. Default Re: New to Forum and the Lower Mid-US

    Fished Broken Bow for the first time last year. Great time and plenty of fish. Being a salt water fly fishing guide, I have not trout fished very much so my knowledge of flies and technique is limited in that area. But a few things became evident rather quickly in Broken Bow. Use light lines and fluorocarbon tippets for best results. The evening hole is the most frustrating fishing you can do as the trout are visible and picky. But they can be caught. It also becomes quite crowded. Zone 2 was my best area and that was a Sunday morning. Lost Creek was fun but challenging due to casting restrictions more commonly known as trees. Most fish in there were pretty small. Stay away from zone 3 unless you have a boat. Terrible footing and dangerous walking. Never caught a fish as I was slipping and falling every other step. And I did have felt soles and a wading staff. But I would love to try it from a canoe or kayak.

    I caught fish on a number of flies with nothing in particular being better. The clear tippet seemed to matter more than the fly. Case in point, I changed to the fluoro leader but kept the same fly on and started catching fish without moving an inch. I stood in one spot in zone 2 and caught 14 rainbows with 2 a hair over 20 inches. This spot just looked like it should have fish but I caught virtually nothing until the leader change. Who knows????

    Have fun
    Fish long fish hard

  3. Default Re: New to Forum and the Lower Mid-US

    I was up this past Saturday. Zone ll and lll were not fishable to to power generation.
    Fished Lost Creek, cought several fish on black Zebra Midge (18),Green Wolly Bugger (10) and small oink egg imitation.
    The fishing was hard in the AM due to heavy rain. After the rain quit fishing was great. Went over to the spillway abd ci=ought a couple with Cooper John (16)

    If you go you will have a great time fish are therea and sometimes Zone l gets crrowded, if they are not generating Zone ll is great.

    If you are not caching fish change patterns but stick with Zebra Midges red or black, Green Wolly's, Caddis dry or Blue Wing Olive try some of the emergers of those patters.
    I visited with some folks at Three River Fly shop and they recomended some minow patters but did not have to use brecause what I was using was productive.
    Have fun and post a report after you come back.

  4. Default Recently made first trip

    I recently made my first trip to LMF. It was also my first trout fishing trip. Ron Woodruff, who is a local fishing guide, was running a tournament and I spent about an hour talking to him. He told me to try the Evening Hole and also suggested that I talk to Jesse at Three Rivers Fly Shop for the information about what flies were currently most productive.

    I took Ron's advice and found Jesse to be very helpful. He gave me a map of the area and pointing out some of the best spots to fish. Of course, he also sold me a dozen or so flies that he said were producing fish.

    Armed with Jesse's flies and Ron's suggesting to fish the Evening Hole, I had what I considered to be a successful trip. Being a novice, without their advice I might have gotten skunked.

    Based on my experience, I'd suggest that you stop by Three Rivers Fly Shop for current information of where to fish and what to fish with. Also, regardless of what water you fish, if you are there on a weekend, I suggest you stake out a spot early as both Spillway Creek and the Evening Hole got a bit crowded by mid-morning.

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