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    Anyone fly fishing in Southeast Texas, Golden Triangle area??

    Let me know and maybe we can get together...


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    Hello, I have just recently started fly fishing. I have been an avid creek fisher since i was very young. I love to wade creek systems in east texas for bass and whatever bites. Im not a trophy fish hunter, i love catching small perch and bass just as well as large ones. 99% of the ime i catch and release. I prefer to wade creeks than lake fish, as it is more productive, maybe not as large of fish in the creeks, but tons more fun!

    My father inlaw started fly fishing several months ago, and after trying it in a family pond about 2 weeks ago, and wathcing the small bream go wild, and catching a few too, i fell in love, went and purchased an inexpensive combo set at academy, and been having fun.

    I plan on trying Village creek in lumberton soon, it is a favorite of mine and a friend for several years now with baitcast and old H&H. Well send an email, maybe soon we can get together and try our luck.

  3. Default Southeast Texas...

    I also live in the Golden Triangle area.I am also new to Flylady and never thought anyone from here would be on this forum! It's awesome that someone is! I live north of Beaumont. I love the Fly lady concept of getting things done. So far so good, I am slowly getting things in order. My kitchen sink is shiny for sure.My Daughter is a Student at Lamar University also. As you can tell I don't have any small kids at home, I am forty years old but not acting it.I hope your still around since I see it's been a few days since you posted this.Hopefully we can keep each other inspired.

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    Hey, Benny

    I live in Groves and have been fly fishing locally for about the last 7 years for bass and assorted types of perch. Are you aware of any type of fly fishing club in our area?

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    I'm new to fly fishing and I live in Groves and fish in Bridge City and all over. Is this thread still active?

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    I grew up in Lumberton fly fishing village creek. I fish mostly from a kayak I mainly use my 5wt in village creek size 6-10 chart. Poppers kill sunfish and bass there. I also fish the marshes on Bolivar out of my kayak for reds If anyone ever wants to do a fly trip pm me or something and I'll teach what I know.

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    Its been years since anyone commented on this, I'm new tovthis oage and don't rrally know how to use it. Anywho, Ive been fly fishing for some years now in wyoming. I currently moved back to south east texas and am new to the salt water game. Is there anyone who could helo me

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    Hello and welcome, wish I could help. I used to live in deep south texas (south of Corpus Christi), which is a fresh water dessert You might want to post an introduction under New Members, you will most likley get all the help you want, I have found people here will go to great lengths to help.
    there's a reason they call it fishing, not catching

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    Where are you located? I live in the Beaumont area Lumberton specifically

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    I live in the west end of beaumont. I've been fishing kieth lake lately with some pretty good results. The past summer I fished village creek with a lot of great results with bass. Fishing for specs and reds the rest of the winter till pre spawn starts up for bass

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