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    Default Float tubing the LMF?

    Hello all! I am soon to bite the bullet and finally buy a tube, and was just wondering if any of our LMF frequenters have float-tubed/kickboated the deep sections of the river inside the park? (or maybe even above the re-reg dam, are there trout in there too?)

    On a slightly different note, I talked to an outcast rep at the show saturday. He said that while the recommended weight limit for the fish cat tubes is 250, having 265 lbs of guy and gear on it will not cause real problems, it just won't track quite as well or be as fast. I'll expect to get a little wetter than lighter folks while using it, but I think it'll work out. Also found this to be chock full of good info: Near the bottom of that article, there is a pic of a fish cat next to a fat cat. I saw a fish cat in person at the show, and it looked like it would thoroughly fill up my car, even with 1/3 of the air out of it. For that reason, and the price difference, I'm gonna go with a fish cat.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  2. Default Re: Float tubing the LMF?

    Cliff I'm a jon boat man myself but I have a friend that would go 6'4" 300lbs+ easy and he uses Caddis float tubes with no problems. I can PM you some good spots in the park and in zone 2 that very few people fish.

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