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  1. Default Flooding of Lower Mountain Fork

    Flood gates are open on the Lower Mountain Fork River and all Trout fishing is suspended for safety..Lake level is at all time record level...Bad news for a while.....

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    Sean posted pictures on the Three Rivers Fly Shop forum. The second picture shows the release level last year. The third is the current release level. The amount of water being released is amazing. I'm hoping Sid's shop is okay.

    Normal flow is approx 81 cfs at the dam. Today they are releasing 5185 cfs at the dam and with the flow out of the generators they are at 8175 cfs. Its looks like the inflow is finally slowing down.

    The good news is no rain in the forecast for SE Oklahoma for the next week.


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    Pictures from the Lower Mountain Fork.
    Spillway at the dam normal flow

    Spillway at the dam all gates open 6" 5175cfs.

    Upper Spillway bridge, cold hole.

    Lost creek parking lot.

    Rereg dam 8175 cfs from power plant and spillway. Normally you can see a concrete ladder directly in front of you.

    I guess Lauri and I will be heading west to fish next week.

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    Any chance these heavy flows will wash away this "rock snot" I hear has been found there? I'd hate to think this algae, or whatever it is, could end up ruining the trout fishing on the LMF. Anyone know if it will help?
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    Default Re: Flooding of Lower Mountain Fork

    Wow, that's some major damage. Fishing my favorite spot on Spillway Creek would put my head two feet under that water rushing over the bridge.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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