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  1. Default Sand Bass on the Mountain Fork River

    For those of you who enjoy a real fight on the fly rod don't forget about the sand bass that are making the trip up the river. Not only did I do well this past weekend on the river channel above Broken Bow lake, I have heard of many others doing even better than I..Fish the River channel below the narrows down to Panther Creek this weekend and you should do well..I will be there with my friend Main Saturday morning in his Go-devil powed boat..

  2. Re: Sand Bass on the Mountain Fork River

    Main and I fished today and caught 60 plus sand bass maybe 8 kentucky, 2 16 in plus small mouth and kept a nice mess of crappie. We fished 8am till about 2pm that is when I wore plum out. Best day of fishing I've had in long time. lots of spawning action on the sand bass..

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