I am new to this forum and simply wished to drop a note. Just returned from Mountain Home and the annual Sowbug festival. Spent five days fishing on the White - down at Rim Shoals, catch and release area - and not only was the fishing good, but the catching was great. Lots of 16 to 20 inch Rainbows as well as several Browns were caught and released. Also there is a new trail at Rim Shoals that allows one to walk and fish about a mile of river that was previously only attainable by boat.

The Sowbug, a fly tyers gathering, was, as always, a great event. The North Arkansas Fly Fishers do a great job putting it on and this was the ninth year for the event with tyers from all over the U.S. I believe that it is becoming as large and as well attended as the Southern Council Conclave of the FFF meeting in October. Well, just wanted to say I had a great time and now unfortunately, its back to the old salt mine.
catchya later.