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colin272 05-29-2012 12:23 AM

mo trout fishing
hey guys got a couple questions. I live in IL and travel to mo for trout fishing i have been going to Bennett for about five years now and just went to Montauk this last opening day weekend and had a blast. How many guys have actually completed the MO trout slam? I have noticed the most common method to fly fishing seems to be a glow ball or micro jig under an indicator, is there any secret fly you guys would suggest. I tend to fallow the crowd on the indicator fishing but I am always up to trying something new. I did catch one trout on a wooly buggar in at Bennett this year I think it was more dumb luck then anything. Any advice on streamer fishing as far as retrieving or just dead drift? What weight rod do most people use I have had both a five wt and six wt rods, I am trying to justify to myself to get a four wt. Sorry for all the questions I usually only get to go trout fishing about 5 times a year so I am trying to make the best out of it.

lancer09 05-29-2012 01:26 AM

Re: mo trout fishing
Do yourself a favor and get away from the parks. You may not catch as many fish but you can avoid some of the crowds. The current is a BEAUTIFUL river that gets hit pretty hard but not so much so as the parks.

The North Fork of the White holds wild rainbows that are awesome as well, but it would be a bit more travel.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, i think stripping streamers can be effective in flowing water, but I prefer to swing flies and tend to do pretty well that way.

Your 5 and 6 are plenty fine, a four would be more fun if your going to stick to the parks though, they typically don't fight as hard as a wild fish or one that has been in the stream for quite a while.

If you trout fish MO quite abit you owe it to yourself to hit taneycomo atleast once for the experience of a tailwater. Its not much further than bennett from you and there is always the possibility of a double digit fish.. in pounds, and at night it can be the most fun thing in the world.

No Secret flies for the parks but if you want to try and become even more effective sight fish for them and watch the take instead of using an indicator, not only is it very effective but it will make you a better angler as well.

Hope this helps.

stl_geoff 05-29-2012 09:49 AM

Re: mo trout fishing
The parks are ok. I've been to all of them and have caught fish at all of them. I have caught "lunkers" at Bennett and at Montauk. I have a secret fly I use at the parks thats almost cheating but it works so well it has gotten boring to fish in the parks with it. Catching 50+ fish on a weekend trip is the norm.

Fishing outside the parks is definitly where its at. The little Blue ribbon streams are awesome and the fish are outstandingly pretty. I have caught some nice fish in the Current outside of Montauk, im hoping to get out there this weekend. Pending that everything at work goes right this week, which actually means it going wrong.

For streamer fishing i usually catch em on the retrive. Dead drifting is too slow and boring for me, so i will seak out the fish wanting to chase down a meal. My buddy will dead drift mohair leeches and catch fish, but I will usually catch fish 2 to 1 with fishing active streamers. But yeah...blonde mohair leeches work really well at Montauk, so do size 18 and more commonly size 20 griffens gnat.

Just buy the 4 weight, you'll get use out of it. I usually fished the parks with a 3wt but use a 5 now since Im throwing bigger flies

al_a 05-29-2012 11:30 PM

Re: mo trout fishing
I second what the others have said...the parks have their place, but the streams are a lot more of a quality experience.

Streamers...lots of different retrieves will work, you just never know which will work on a given day. I usually start out with short, quick strips, moving the fly about six inches with each strip. If that isn't working, I'll switch up to long, slow strips, moving the fly as far as possible with each strip. I'll try dead drifting, long fast strips, swinging, letting it sink to the bottom and then lifting it sharply...mainly I try to picture how minnows or crayfish move and make the streamer move the same way.

One other thing, though. On rivers like the Current which are usually very clear, streamer fishing is mainly a low light deal. Early morning, late evening, or dark, cloudy days, unless the river gets a rise and gets somewhat murky.

luked 05-30-2012 08:12 PM

Re: mo trout fishing
i am by no means as good a fly angler as most here but i do fish as often as i can.
i have fished bennett quite a bit as well as Meramac springs quite a bit.
i use a 5wt TFO rod.
as far as flies go im mostly a nymph fisherman. i like to float under an indicator but the thing i have found key is florocarbon. i use 7x Seguar floro.
as far as flies go my most productive one is a red beadhead copper john. i normally use a size 18-20 fly. i have caught more fish on that one fly than all the rest put together in my box.

colin272 06-01-2012 07:01 AM

Re: mo trout fishing
Thanks for all the help so far guys, just a little update. My wife and I went to Maramec spring park on wend we got down there at 930 and we fished till noon with only one bite. So we decided to pack it up and head to Montauk we only fished a couple of hours I was able to catch three which I know isnt much but it was a nice change from work. So my new question is how many people have fished blue spring creek if so is it decent fishing. How do u guys nymph fish the wild streams I feel like my indicator will spook fish when it hits the water. Thanks for all the help guys.

stl_geoff 06-01-2012 11:00 AM

Re: mo trout fishing
I have fished blue springs creek. its difficult to say the least. If your casting isnt perfect then you wont catch fish you find. there is alot of casting across gravel bars and stalk fishing making long casts so you dont spoke the fish and if the fly splashes too hard they will spoke. I fished naked nymphs ( no indicator ) and caught a few but i spoked WAY more then i caught

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