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drc 12-04-2012 09:32 PM

Fishing on the river walk?
So I was watching a video on the orvis page. I think it was the orvis introduction to bass fishing or something like that and I saw Tom Rosenbauer fishing in what appeared to be down town San Antonio on the river walk. I was just wondering what that was all about and if anyone had fished there or I'm just wrong about the video.

riverbilly 12-06-2012 05:12 PM

Re: Fishing on the river walk?
I hear tortilla flies work best on the carp. :D

Seriously though, I checked with some guys from SA. Near the headwaters there's Brackenridge Park, I bet that's where they shot it. He said they're stocking Rainbows this time of the year. There's also some new trails below downtown that have easy access to the bank.

Probably no fishing in the restaurant area, though it would be cool to grab a nacho plate and a few margaritas while casting.

BTW - There's a new paddleing trail that just opened. I saw a report, and though there's some log jams that need removing, it looks like some good water.

fredaevans 12-06-2012 06:47 PM

Re: Fishing on the river walk?
Not there but up on the east side of Lake Washington (Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond). Two major lakes the 'up stream' one (name totally escapes me for the moment) was connected to LkWa via the 'Sammish Slough. Now called the Sammish 'River.' :rolleyes: Anyway, the upper lake actually had a salmon/steelhead hatchery and the smolts were released into the lake, up the lake down the SS in to Lk Wa down another connector to Lake Union, then etc., and out into Puget Sound via the shipping locks.

Always seemed like a hell of a lot of dead water to me, but just enough movement that the fish knew where to go, coming and going.

Aaannnnyyyyyy way. After church I'd have the wife type drop me off at the top end and I'd walk the 5'ish miles down fishing the 'Slough.' Occasionally caught and had to release fish (do you really want to carry a fish for several miles even on flat ground?).

Then THE SUNDAY! New Priest at Holy Cross and he was one of the most exceptional men I've ever met. Saw that man do things that unless you were there, you'd never believe the 'telling.'

Anyway, working the 10AM service (you can have fishing cloths, sands boots under your Robes and no one would know) so hit The Slough and hooked/landed two total Chromers. Into the cooler they go and asked Father if he/wife/kids (they had 7, five of which were adopted) and 'Why yes, that sounds very good.' :D

About 3PM get a call from Mrs., asking 'How do you cook Steelhead?' 'Same as you would a Salmon.' 'We've never been able to afford Salmon.'

:eek::eek::eek: Was my immediate response. (Context: between the two they had over 20#'s of cleaned fish even with the heads gone.) Give her the 'how' and WOOZER'S next Sunday morning!!!

This is one of the 'You'd have to have been there stories.' Father, Mrs., kids are more than a bit over the top on 'how good that was, how much we app., etc., etc.'

"Tell you what Father, I'm good at pitching, you're good at Praying, what you say we split the catch?"

Big smile, a hand shake and "A Deal.":army:

Ladies and Gentlemen, save for one occasion close to 50 years (Deschutes River) later, I never had such fishing/catching in my life. Kept the odd one, but Father Todd/family had at least two every Sunday, frequently three until the season closed down four months later. Not quite as good with Summer Runs, but respectable.

Church Pot Lucks, "Everyone! Let me show you my new recip. for Salmon !!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (Had to correct her on that one on more than one occasion ... 'Steelhead Mamm, they're Steelhead.':rolleyes:)

Don't miss anything about moving out of Washington in mid-1984; Todd/Family I truly miss.

I must correct myself on that last comment. Steelhead Trout Club of Washington.

First joined when I was barely 17 and would take the bus down town (Seattle) to the monthly meetings and one of the fellows would drive me home in Nor-Seattle. More than once in my late 'teens/early 20's) where I was plopped up against the front door and a bang-bang-bang/Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong .. and they'd 'run' back to their car (probably laughing their collective butts off). You had to drink that home made 'Dago-Red' with the Pasta-Peggie feed to understand what wine with 18% meant to someone who didn't even drink beer.

But who were the members? If you know anything about 'fishing history' in Washington, these were THE People you read about in the history books (Start with Trey Combs.)

Couldn't 'afford' auto, so I drove a Lamberetta Motor Scooter for years. Winter-Summer fishing/camp overs and I'd have a back pack, tent, etc., and 'Putt-Putt' up to the location/campground. Most of the time that worked up fine (my cooking sucked, but I ate it until advised "You will eat with us," by a couple of wife's. :army: They were right, then I was not a 'crummy cook,' it was a function of what you could carry/afford. Only 'wet wood?' I didn't eat save for Snickers Candy bars.

Is there a better treat in the WORLD??? than that, even sleeping under a plastic sheet tent in a soaking wet sleeping bag in full wader battle dress to keep simi-dry?

Anyway, close to 600 miles to the south and (again) a full paid up member at age 70. Window sticker on the Jeep says: "Steelhead Trout Club of Washington ... 75 years." I've been privileged to have been a part of that.

If you're in Washington/BC, JOIN UP/JOIN IN. An Extraordinary group of Gentlemen/Ladies.

I kid you not; 75 years of effectiveness where it counts. Do you want to 'count?' This is a good place to start.

Me thinks, me thinks.

Frederick A. Evans

untamedoutdoors 12-10-2012 10:50 PM

Re: Fishing on the river walk?
WoW I'm not sure what happened up there ^^^

Anyways.. I didn't see the video you were watching but I remember Tom talking about carp fishing in a small town in Canada casting to huge carp that people were feeding with tortilla chips while they were filming for Orvis. That may or may not have been it. They were talking about fishing urban areas, so try it. I'd love to hear a report!

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