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goldeneye 03-20-2013 08:58 PM

March Madness (Fish)
Here are a few fish from earlier this week. Toldeo Bend and the Mountain Fork. Off to north Arkansas for the weekend to hopefully catch a few more. I hate to say it, but not all those Crappie came off my fly rod.

osok 04-11-2013 09:50 AM

Re: March Madness (Fish)
Nice haul on the crappie. Very pretty trout, what was the fly used. Looks like a crappie jig with thread on it? Fished your White river last month and had a ball. You live in a very pretty state with what appears to be a very active trout fishery provided by your game department. Just an observation as it looks like your hand holding the trout is dry. As a suggestion I would encourage you to wet hand before handling. A dry hand removes the fishes slime protection from fish to you. That slime coating is very important for trout survival. If hand is wet then my bad, it just looks dry.

In any event please keep the pictures coming as it's always nice to see pretty fish pictures.

goldeneye 04-11-2013 06:46 PM

Re: March Madness (Fish)
Thank you for the kind words. All of the trout in these pictures were caught on different color variations of a size 16 zebra midge. The Crappie were caught on a crawfish pattern and/or a white jig lure (rod and reel).

Glad you enjoyed your time on the White. I have to recommend for your next visit to check out the Kings River, near Berryville, some fantastic Smallmouth Bass fishing on the fly

Good observation. I usually have a glove on when I land a trout such as these and I actually have one on, but it is on my right hand. In the rush of holding a net, a fish, a DSLR, and trying to snap a picture sometimes I do make a mistake, but I have no intention on harming the fish.

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