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MikeLove 08-21-2005 01:11 AM

Lower Mountain Fork Fishing report
Had a great evening. Made the Evening Hole my first stop at 7:00 p.m. tonight(saturday). Stepped into the river bed with a hex hatch going on..I caught 5 rainbows on a crippled hex emerger by 8:20 p.m. It is really a great place to fish. I then went to Zone 2 fished till 11:00 p.m. under a full moon. Caught some on black boogers and the same hex emerger. Landed 9 fish for the evening and hooked up on several others.. One Great Evening on the LMFR..mike :wavetowel

Fish Bones 08-21-2005 08:01 AM

Re: Lower Mountain Fork Fishing report
Great job Mike!!!

MikeLove 08-29-2005 11:32 AM

Re: Lower Mountain Fork Fishing report
I fished zone 2 Friday evening and found fish very active in the last hour before dark. Caught beautiful 18" large brown on zebra midge along with 3 other nice rainbows. I was asked by a friend to take retired Vice-Admiral Phil Balisle of the State of Virginia fishing Sat & Sunday mornings. We both caught Nice Rainbows before light at the zone 2 dam. After light they got a little finnicky so we moved down river and fished rising fish with more success on drys. It was great to take a new friend who has had a chance to fish many places from Scotland to Chile. The real treat was when he declared me his Hero as I get to fish such a great fishery several times each week. A great weekend.. mike :wavetowel

MikeLove 09-07-2005 10:08 PM

Lower Mountain Fork Fishing report
Wed night mid-week fishing trip to the zone 2 dam. Found only two other fisherman fishing after the generators quit about 7:00 P.M. Put on a sulfur dry mayfly and WHAM!! 18" big rainbow ran circles around me for at least 5 minutes. That was the way it was till after dark. Had at least a dozen fish on and landed half that many.. I fished that dry only, however my friend John Beboa caught maybe more than I on a sulfur soft hackle..It was one of my better evening fishing trips..Heck any time I get my rod bent nearly double its a great fishing"ll come. mike

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